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Our culture is a collection of the images it invents for itself.

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Granted, AIM Chat was still fairly robust, and meeting people was a possibility in those chat rooms.

So then we have seen that the dream of lifelong happiness with a faithful partner is very much alive and if anything becoming stronger.

As it does, so the pressures against the sex revolution continue to grow.

Divorced or separated people are four times as likely to need psychiatric help, while single people are twice as likely to need it.

Married people also tend to adjust to illness or disability better.

Researchers wanted to find out how marriage kept so many of 1,042 55 year olds healthy.

Was it because spouses tend to take better care of their health?

There is a lack of youth in many developed nations.

Europe has the lowest birth rate of its entire history - only 1.48 children per woman in a lifetime.

Yahoo Personals dating Service dating with Yahoo Personals We want love because love makes us feel good about ourselves - and that feeling is healthy too.

Every month our understanding grows from medical research that secure love is good for you as well as enjoyable, double bonus.

This is hardly a surprise since the opposite is so obvious to anyone who cares for people, whether a doctor, social worker, health visitor, teacher or pastor.