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Suppose that the sample file included definitions for several airports, and you wanted to see the names and aliases for each one.

SAXParser) for the whole application server JVM which took precedence over the META-INF/services/sax.driver discovery mechanism.

With SAX you pluck out exactly what you want from the XML document, instead of wandering the DOM tree.

Xerces provides customizable error handling for both types of parsing.

It's true that SAX puts you closer to the raw parsing, but that's one reason to choose SAX over DOM.

What if you have a large document and you're interested in only a few particular elements? SAX lets you sift through the data and extract just what you need.

On the other hand, it requires more elbow grease than DOM: it's up to your code to churn the stream of data into usable objects.

This makes SAX feel lower-level than DOM, similar to how people compare memory management in C and Java.

At the code level, a SAX parser interprets an XML document as a series of object--this is the piece you write--that you register with the parser.

When a parser encounters an element's start tag, for example, it passes the element and any attributes to the start tag callback. skipping basic Xerces setup explained // in the previous article ...

I compiled the sample code under Fedora Core 3/x86 using Xerces-C 2.6.0 and GCC 3.4.3.

The code uses the helper classes described in the previous article, but you don't need to understand them to follow this article. It reads a document sequentially, and hands your code chunks of data to process.

I have also worked around this error previously by adding lots of XML jars to an application and inverting classloader structure or filtering out classes from the system classpath but I would be nice if applications could start using the bundled XML parsers and APIs.