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Although there never was a manufacturer called "Aster", the 4.75" x 20" backgeared and screwcutting machine shown here was marketed widely and with various branding.

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The downside of all this attention to detail and the subsequent labour costs involved meant that the final price of the vehicle was not cheap, on the contrary the first boxed Fodens were retailing at a whopping £2/19s/6d (£2.97 1/2p) well outside the price range of the average schoolboy, at a time when the equivalent Dinky Supertoy Fodens of the day could be picked up at your local toy store for around 10/- (50p) !The International Congress of Nutrition of the IUNS (International Union of Nutritional Sciences) is held once every four years and attracts approximately 4,000 attendees from more than 120 countries.The 21st edition was recently held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 15-20.Dating from 1895 to 1910, it was offered on various stands, the most common of which appears to have been a particularly well-designed all-cast-iron pedestal type with a built-in treadle system, a fitted compartment for the changewheels and the flywheel overhung from the left-hand face.Of cantilever form, the wide bed should have been free from distortion when clamped to its base support and included a large-capacity gap able to turn material up to 16" in diameter.No one can doubt that the Foden diecast lorries produced by Shackleton were of high quality.

All the components required to build the lorries were made in-house and that included the clockwork motor.The booth showcased the basic ideas of the “Nuts for Gifts” project: nuts as a highly-valued gift object and an opportunity to challenge one’s DIY abilities.“Nuts for Gifts” brochures and a mix of nuts and dried fruits samples were given to visitors.A workman-like device, the lathe was built to a useful specification that included a headstock spindle bored through to clear 0.9", tumble reverse to the leadscrew drive, backgear, split clasp nuts on the apron, a set-over tailstock with a proper barrel clamp (rather than the "split" casting then so common).Formed by Maurice Shackleton in 1939 the company originally traded as James Shackleton & Sons Ltd producing a range of wooden toys such as dolls houses and lorries.It was in 1948 that Shackleton launched this range of ready assembled diecast constructional models based on the Foden FG 6 wheel lorry.

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