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In the absence of a firewall, malicious users may attempt to break into your system while you are online.Every computer has a unique identifying IP address which allows it to exchange information with other computers over the internet.

A good anti virus software will protect your computer from all sorts of security threats including but not limited to virus attacks and spyware which could otherwise cripple your computer.and Are Mcafee up dating virus scan to remove or quaranteen mixeraudio winflag? You can delete locked files with the Remove On Reboot utility.A password protected administrator account prevents potential intruders from accessing your computer Also if you do use a shared computer, a password protected user account on your computer will ensure complete privacy and ensure others cannot access your files or your online dating account.Most of these security measures are pretty basic and you do not need to be an IT genius to make these changes.This opens up in a small multiple windows cascading about ten to twenty times of which I have to end task with task manager.

Can anyone give me some information on how to remove this nuisance as I believe it is compromising my security and surfing?

Set your computer to check for updates automatically, ensuring you are well protected .

If your computer prompts you to install any updates, go ahead because your computer needs to keep up!

I was doing a general scan with virus scan and mixer audio started running where it came from is a mystery I haven't been anywhere where there seem to be malicious internet activity.

Yesterday Mcafee gave me the option of blocking it conneting to the Internet so I blocked it and now it is running at boot up my system and showing the message "Winflag socket error: No connection could not be made because the target machine actively refused it (10061) on API.

Follow some of these tips to ensure your computer is secure and less vulnerable to security threats.

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