Who is vanessa williams dating now

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Who is vanessa williams dating now

The couple later break up, but Sumarwata revealed that Vanessa still loved Rhys "deeply", but thought that it was bad timing for them.She added "In other circumstances, I think they would be great together, they balance each other." When asked what to expect in the lead up to the wedding, Sumarwata told Kilkelly "Well you have a bride who doesn't want to be there, a mother who desperately needs a wedding, a groom who knows that the bride is hanging by a thread, and a lover who wants to prove he should be with the bride!

Of how Vanessa breaks the news to Lucas, Sumarwata explained "She is determined to reveal her news.

The actress also revealed that to portray Vanessa's condition she had to wear a false stomach and added that the one consolation with the pregnancy was that she could take it off at the end of the day.

He stated "He finds her attractive, and she takes the mickey out of him - that's good for Rhys. Vanessa also exposes a rare vulnerability in Rhys, so there's a risk he could get hurt and lash out in other ways." Of how Vanessa feels about Rhys, Sumarwata revealed "She has been quite torn and also not sure of his motives in these very unusual circumstances.

She agreed to go along with her mother's plans because she does not want to bring up her child without her family around her.

A columnist for TV Week said Vanessa makes an instant impression on Lucas and she goes back to his house.

Vanessa later developed a relationship with Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber), became involved in a sham wedding storyline and gave birth to a son.

She told Kilkelly "Everything happened so quickly and it coincided with the move from Sydney - it was very chaotic at first and it did take a while.She is definitely attracted to him but she is still guarded." Sumarwata told TV Week writers Jackie Brygel and Erin Miller that Vanessa is not aware that Rhys is contemplating proposing to her.The actress believed that Vanessa would probably laugh if Rhys proposed and then double-check that it was not a joke.Sumarwata described her character as being someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.The actress stated that Vanessa's background would be explored in the future, adding a new dimension to the character.She believes that no matter what Lucas's reaction is, he deserves to know she is carrying his child.

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