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And then, I did a read with Angie Harmon, who was already cast. So, I have been working as much as I want to be working, but I haven’t taken on a lead in a series television show since then. What drives you to succeed, in your work and in your life? It’s just an inner drive, and a willingness to lead a good life Had you read any of the Tess Gerritsen books before you were cast? I have read some of them now, but I haven’t read all of them. I was going to, and then Tess and our executive producer, Janet Tamaro, said, “You know what?We’d prefer that you just do your own take and interpretation.

One can find her pictures and bios and other information in different internet websites.

Take this script and make it your own, instead of trying to emulate something that’s in the book.” Whenever you take something from a book to the screen, it’s going to have a slightly different interpretation.

In this case, I don’t physically look the character of Maura, in the book.

She has a very short, black bob and she’s a lot cooler in personality than the Maura that I’m bringing to the screen. Sasha: One of the things that did intrigue me about when I read the pilot – because I had not read the books before doing the show – was the mystery aspect of it.

I didn’t feel that it was just a crime-based story.

After finishing her college, she moved to New York to act in the summer stock and Shakespeare festivals.

Alexander has graduated in acting from University of Sothern California’s School of Cinema- Television.

Another of her notable work is appearing in the popular Secret Agent Series NCIS.

She also played in a small role in “Mission Impossible III” Sasha Alexander was born in May 17, 1973 as Suzana S. Her mother is a Serbian National and her father is an Italian. She had a great interest in playing Ice Skate which she stopped due to her knee injury.

Sasha Alexander is married to Edoardo Ponti who is the son of superstar Sophia Loren and film producer Carlo Ponti in the year 2007.

Her wedding took place at a Orthodox Church of Switzerland.

She can be followed in Twitter and Facebook and be updated with her recent activities.