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“Still, I bet when they gave him a plane, it was a lot nicer than this one,” George says.

By 1998, when David returned to “Seinfeld” to write that series’ finale (with a mere seventy-six million viewers), Danson was still on his mind.He looked less like a former ballplayer than he did a dancer, prowling behind the bar, a towel thrown jauntily over his shoulder in between polishing glasses.In a way, he was a familiar TV lothario, an inveterate ladies’ man—tall, stylish, with a coiffed mane, tight pants, a few buttons on his shirt undone, his eyes always searching for a mirror.The joke was made funnier by the obvious discrepancy between David’s fictional stand-in, George—slovenly, pathetic, and anonymous—and Danson, who was handsome, charming, and, at that time, the biggest TV star in the country.Yet there was a kernel of credibility to George’s outrage: Danson played the relief pitcher turned bartender Sam Malone with a kind of effortless-looking panache that could make him seem like little more than a handsome lightweight. George, as he was in all but one famous episode, was entirely wrong.Two years later, the meta-feud continued, as Danson and Steenburgen appeared in the second episode of the first season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” playing gently self-mocking versions of themselves on a bowling date with Larry and Cheryl.

Larry, no longer hiding behind his onscreen alter ego George Costanza, is put off by Ted’s pervasive sunniness—Danson proclaims everything major or minor to be “heaven”—and complains to Cheryl, “I could kind of take him or leave him.” In the third season of “Curb,” Danson reappears, his hair gone white, for an extended story line in which he and Larry invest in a restaurant together, and quickly settles into the role that he continues to play—competitor, foil, agitator of Larry.

In the episode, George and Jerry, once again offered a TV show on NBC, are being flown out with Elaine and Kramer to meet with the studio people in Los Angeles. ” George asks, disgusted at the poor quality of the private jet.

“Ted Danson is not even on the network anymore,” Jerry reminds him.

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The announcement will be good news for fans of the comedy series, with the real-life husband and wife duo two of the show’s most popular guest stars.

“I can’t live knowing that Ted Danson makes that much more than me.” George complains that he’s just as good as Danson; Jerry reminds him that he is, in fact, “much, much worse.”It was a good insidery joke, if a bit exaggerated.

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