Who is keke palmer dating now 2016

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Ultimately, this Keke, can you help some pop culture fans out? "As far as Lea and John kissing, I was confused by this.

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She also added that for her dating is just a way to have fun. However, she cleared the misunderstanding and said that she has been friends with Hardrict since she was 10 years old and they grew up together. When Palmer was young she thought that she would marry Hardrict. “The video was to represent the young woman today – it’s not the traditional woman anymore – and not the specifics of ‘Am I gay? “I’m making the rules for myself, and I don’t have to be stuck down to one label. '” the actress-singer, 22, says in the new issue of PEOPLE.I'll call you and let you know."'s annual party held at Chateau Marmont.

She even had the chance to run into a few old friends."Why have we known each other so long @Nick Jonas! But, there appeared no confirmation from Palmer about her relationship with Alsina.Later in 2015, Palmer was accused of crushing Tia Mowry’s husband Cory Hardrict. I think if you continuously choose to court the public's attention to your relationship, you run the risk of asking them to pry more out of it, but it would also be a bit strange to totally ignore your significant other's existence in public as well.Now, you guys might be wondering that how their 5 years long love affair began.However, a source close to them revealed about their nonexistence relationship telling that; Though the public and media got so aware about the break up between this most loved couple, Avan, however, preferred to stay quiet about his split with the actress Zoey Deutch.

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