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Flashbacks to standing around in a uniform being yelled at by a dingbat who is dissatisfied with the product or service purchased from your employer are lifelong effects of slinging burgers, ultimate margaritas, and sunglasses from a hut.Gale added a postscript to the in-air drama with a blog post declining the honor of being called a “hero” (really?

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His last note encouraged her to follow through on her threat to contact the authorities upon landing as well as suggesting that she inform them of her cannibalism (“because you just ate my dick! When the plane landed in Phoenix (both Gale and Diane planned to catch connecting flights), Gale waited for his nemesis at the gate with yet another note — but before he could give it to her, she slapped him in the face.

But now Instead of chugging half a bottle of whiskey, I just deal with it. My reason for drinking was to “deal with it.” To deal with the things I didn’t like about the world, and my life, and myself.

To deal with feeling awkward and insecure and never good enough.

At least the holiday weekend ended on a lighter note, with a fight about salsa.

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A Los Angeles TV producer pulled off an epic Thanksgiving Twitter take-down of an apparently horrid fellow passenger on his flight to Phoenix yesterday that ended with the middle-aged woman slapping him in the face. It read: 'Dear 'Diane,' Thank you for your lovely note. We all want to get home, particularly the nice men and women who fly your lazy ass around and serve you drinks (you're welcome!

That's when he decided to send her a glass of red wine. He took a picture of both for the pleasure of his 35,000 twitter followers who, if they were already sick to death of their own Thanksgivings, would have been following the action closely.

As concerned as we are over the NSA, we can’t help but spy on each other whenever we’re commingling in public places.

Eavesdropping now belongs to tweets-or-it-didn’t-happen territory, even though Twitter proof is flimsy at best. Gale is a producer () who has had some fun with us in the past, live-tweeting a blind date that never actually happened.

There was the issue of the slap (“Any type of violence in any airport would cause the police to be called, especially since the recent shooting at LAX”), and there was the story of a homophobic note written on a restaurant receipt — which went viral and resulted in outrage and donations to the wronged server a couple weeks ago — that may have been a hoax.

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