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His persona at the helm of Classic FM, in other words, was very different to that of the bearded, avuncular Michael Barry who was to be seen cheerfully sloshing generous glugs of wine into the steak vigneron on Food and Drink.He joined the programme in 1984 and became part of a regular team which included Chris Kelly, as anchor, and the irrepressibly effusive wine critic Jilly Goolden ("I'm getting apple blossom, I'm getting a hot summer's day at the beach..."), later joined by Oz Clarke.

His father was a Pakistani diplomat (Michael would become a practising Muslim), and his mother a domestic science teacher from South Wales.

The first two pieces to be aired were Handel's anthem God Save the King followed by Weber's Rondo Invitation to the Dance.

Bukht was not a musician and his pronouncements on classical music generated considerable indignation among those who preferred what he derided as Radio 3's "white tie and penguin suit" approach.

“The elephant in the room for the DNC isn’t Trump or the GOP or Bernie bros or Russian hackers; it is its own elitist, corporatist, cronyist, corrupt system that consistently refuses to listen to the will of the people it hopes to represent,” Mc Clennen wrote.

Bukht cut his teeth in the media business in the 1970s as the first controller of Capital Radio, which he developed into the most successful commercial radio station in Europe.

In the 1990s he applied the populist principles he had imbibed to the presentation of classical music, delivered until then primarily on Radio 3.

Classic FM, which went on air in 1992, set out to provide a 24-hour diet of "the world's most beautiful music", and offered snack-sized chunks of box-office favourites alongside news, hum-alongs, and classical music charts.The mainstream media continue to censor coverage of a looming DNC lawsuit that accuses the Democrat Party of rigging the 2016 primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton.Since October 2016, when the lawsuit was issued, reporters and pundits have ignored a lawsuit that looks set to prove that the Democratic National Committee systemically rigged the primaries in order to ensure Hillary Clinton won over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.Barry, whose entrepreneurial instincts had a tendency to emerge whenever the programme featured some sort of competition, became known as the "crafty cook" after his use of the term to describe his technique.Just as Classic FM aimed to allow middle England to broaden its musical palate, so Food and Drink's unstuffy format encouraged a generation of novice chefs to have a go.“Now, the DNC is on record arguing that its voters have no reason to trust it to maintain free and fair elections.” “Spiva’s defense is blatant proof that despite the fact that the DNC fashions itself as the party of the people, it is openly and clearly an oligarchy — a fact also made clear by its use of superdelgates,” Salon writer Sophia Mc Clennen wrote.

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