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It works like this: You open the app and ask it a question—say, "How do I stop my dishwasher from leaking everywhere?"—and the service's natural language processing engine attempts to understand what you've asked and match you up with someone in its database who's suited to providing answers.

The aim is to remake the answers game by turning it into a Siri-like smartphone experience, letting you verbally ask questions and then connect to "experts" via voice calls, online chats, or even video.Launching with home and gardening questions first was another deliberate decision.Patzer says the company picked this space because experts tend to do work that takes a set amount of time, and will sometimes have hours or days that they’re looking to fill with smaller projects. Richard Socher, a natural language processing researcher at Stanford University, says that even the natural language engine may have trouble expanding into new areas."This is our wider goal—to be a micro-consulting platform across anyplace that you might get stuck in your life, personally and professionally," he says.But the question, as always, is how well this sort of thing will scale.Then for , you can set up a conversation with one of these folks—for a limited amount of time.

The amount of time you get depends on the value of the information at hand.Blocking Spam Messages Preventing Spam Community Q&A Spam is a big problem in the modern email world, but there are a lot of different ways you can both reduce the amount you receive and deal with the spam that slips through the cracks. already has fairly powerful anti-spam filters, and any messages you find in your Spam folder can be safely left there.With good email habits and regular reporting, you can minimize the amount of spam you have to deal with.You might need multiple experts to answer a single question.It's not an easy problem as you scale up."Socher also points out that the risk here is relatively low, amounting to nuisance.But initially, an algorithm combed through thousands of online resumes and identified promising candidates based on their listed skills, essentially "pre-approving" them for the job.

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