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And I’ve found that the same is often true of anti-evolutionists — in my experience, anyway.So, as a free public service to my friends who think evolution should be spelled “evilution,” I offer the following Top 10 Signs That You Don’t Understand Evolution At All. You think “it hasn’t been observed” is a good argument against it.

The number — 46 percent — has not changed meaningfully in more than two decades. But to understand my theory, I offer an analogy, which actually involves individuals from the opposite side of the fence.Hypotheses guesses; they are subject to experimentation, and they have no hope of progressing beyond the hypothesis “stage,” unless they are supported by experimentation.Theories are hypotheses that have “graduated”; they are comprehensive , created to explain facts like “When I drop something, it falls down.” Gravity is, in fact, “only a theory,” just like evolution.For example, the theory of evolution predicts that large-scale changes, like those that turned fishy ancestors into land-treading mammals, take many millions of years, so the fact that we borne out this and other predictions, it would have immediately required modifications to the theory, and may have falsified it altogether.This, of course, is the defining characteristic of science: Not that is observable and repeatable, but that it is testable and falsifiable.It involves something like the thoroughly debunked theory of spontaneous generation (the idea that life can come from non-life under normal circumstances) being used as evidence against the theory of evolution.

Hear me on this, guys: Evolution has the existence of life, and it is a useless concept in the absence of life.Because, if is not observable or repeatable, it’s creationism. This claim is demonstrably false, and its use by those who claim to serve the Lord through whom came grace and truth is reprehensible.Therefore, their beliefs, too, are invalidated by their own argument. Strong language, I know, but Christians are explicitly commanded not to lie to each other, so this is inexcusable.Mutations that are inherently harmful are very rare.A 2000 study in Genetics showed that on average, out of 175 mutations in humans, only three are deleterious.We have often and repeatedly found exactly what the theory of evolution predicted we would find, in the time period in which the theory predicted we would find it. You think macroevolution is an inherently different process than microevolution.

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