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Mr Trump, however, used the term to imply some kind of policy blueprint for regional trade and security."And in partnership with the United States, the sovereign nations of the Indo-Pacific will work together to achieve a future of security, prosperity and peace," Mr Trump said.

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Two world leaders, two gags, two very different results.

Mr Trump is obsessed with being friends with world leaders — and telling us about it. Which may have made Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe feel special, unless he read this description of Mr Trump's relationship with China's leader Xi Jinping.

"People say we have the best relationship of any president-president, because he's called president also," Mr Trump said last month.

It was not the intended ending to the buddy movie that the US President had been pitching hard for his two days in Japan.

The eight individuals featured in the artwork all articulate what motivates them to keep pursing their chosen field.

After achieving prominence amongst the Silicon Valley USA set, Harris became interested in controversial the human behavior experiments which tested the impact of media on society and technology to answer the question, what is personal identity.

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It includes Oceania, with our close partner, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, and our longstanding ally, Australia, in the south.

India to the west; the United States the east." Let's be clear, India was always part of "Asia Pacific", but the US now wants it in the title.

This is in distinct contrast to the Obama administration's policy of "strategic patience", which Mr Trump called weak and ineffective.

"So the President's strategy — and this strategy is in complete alignment with our allies, South Korea and Japan, and, increasingly, the entire world — is to maximise pressure," a senior administration official said in an on-the-record briefing to media on November 5."It is a diplomatic and economic campaign to maximise pressure on North Korea, to show — really to convince the leadership in North Korea that the one way out for them is to start reducing the threat and to move toward denuclearisation." Japan's leader also dropped the phrase into his comments about Pyongyang.

"We must raise pressure to the maximum to create a situation in which North Korea comes to us and begs us to have a dialogue," Mr Abe said.