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Virtual sex 3d a chat - ludachris dating

If you feel you are born the wrong gender, your virtual self can reflect how you really are.

“There's no way in the world is ever going to compete with Facebook or My Space’s application because they’re very different.”Ditching the 3D world for a text only chat might seem like the virtual folks are running from the core premise and innovation behind the sites. Second Life’s growth plateaued at the end of last year with active users around half a million and 66 thousand on at one time, but last week SL's New World Notes blog announced record numbers of people concurrently logged into the site, with upwards of 68 thousand on Labor Day, and many of SL’s population (which are based in the U. (A tab that's widely blamed for hordes of bots and free money campers employed to artificially drive up a land's Traffic.),” writes Wagner James Au.

Two of the top virtual 3D worlds announced the release of instant messenger services today at the Virtual Worlds Conference in Los Angeles after requests from users to make their friend base more accessible.

Makena Technologies’ unleashed There IM and Second Life announced the launch of SLim, a voice enabled instant messaging client that will let residents connect and communicate with their Second Life contacts from the real world. These are both the latest attempts at 3D virtual worlds to expand out into the real world, where their population is becoming more mobile and doesn’t always necessarily have the bandwidth or graphics capabilities to log into the 3D site.“The strength of the community is such that when people are not able to be inworld, there is a sense of distance, a disconnect from that community that you rely on when you’re inworld,” says Joe Miller, vice president, of platform & technology development at Linden Lab, who adds that this is just the first step in making ubiquitous access to the world.

That means you’ll be able to create a character that looks just like you, wears their hair just how your like it – they could even have your tattoos.

You can also create characters that look nothing like you, of course, any you can dress your virtual self in one of thousands of different outfits.

And has been laying low, but claims to have a population of over 1 million, and if you include their partner worlds (e.g., Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Pimp My Ride), the numbers rise into the multi-millions.

Still not quite as big as Second Life, and no actual data on the number of active users.

That means that any clothes you buy, you can keep forever, and that you can invest in virtual clothes in the same way you might collect high heels.

There could even be collectors items, or virtual fashion movements: “A high fashion brand might release a virtual fall collection,” added Frei, “or a limited edition that only came out only once and has never been available since.” Of course, as with anything, there’s plenty of room for a seedy underbelly in these new morphing worlds.

Integrating IM should make the current residents happy, but it will hardly bring in new waves of people who are probably too busy in their 1st life to join in the first place.

Think picking a shirt from your wardrobe is tough now? In the next few decades we’ll be interacting more and more in virtual worlds – you’ll meet colleagues in a virtual office, you’ll meet lovers on virtual dates.

Our virtual future is coming, so you may as well look good.

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