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The Molcajete is used to grind spices, peppers, tomatos, garlic, etc. It is said that a salsa or a guacamole made in a molcajete has a better flavor that one made in a blender. It’s a basic cooking utensil in the Mexican kitchens.It is also use to serve the salsas and the famous guacamole. Griddles are not only used to cook or heat tortillas, but also to toast seeds and roast peppers, almost every kitchen in Mexico has a comal.

In México we had so many varieties of drinking chocolate as you can see in this picture, but outside the country the “Abuelita” and “Ibarra” brands are the ones commonly found.and that was just my reaction from sniffing the bottle.Tabu completely changes on the skin, blooms into something so gorgeous!Warm oriental base includes amber, resins, civet and precious woods – sandal and patchouli.Who knew such an inexpensive and yet controversial perfume would enchant me so much! I hated it at first, I thought I could never wear something so suggestive...Nowadays, metal and non-stick griddles are popular on the market, some round others in an oval shape.

This last one specially designed for the stoves that have a burner in the center to cook the tortillas.for bowl, is the mortar of México, dating back several thousand of years ago.El Molcajete is made from a volcanic stone carved in one piece, with a hand stone used for grinding, called temachín or tejolote from the Náhuatl words Isn’t it amazing that we use a tool that was used since Pre Hispanic times?The first fragrance of the house was Tabu, created by Jean Carles 1932.Jean Carles was well known for his wonderful creations made of unusual materials.Drinking a cup of chocolate with a tick layer of foam is one of our pleasures.