Updating floor ceiling stone fireplace

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Updating floor ceiling stone fireplace - Livedesicam

If you don’t know this, the wonderful blogger, Michele Ginnerty of My Nottinghill “cracked the Darryl Carter Paint Code” Winter Snow is very close to Benjamin Moore White Diamond oc-61 which is just a hair cooler. Nancy used decorator’s white in the entrance foyer. It’s probably the coolest of the three, but please remember that it is relative and very much light-dependent!

For an easy fireplace upgrade you can do yourself, take a (web)page from Terri Klemm.

It has always confounded me with all of the beautiful choices out there, how some come up with this stuff, but there it is.

:] I just happen to have the answer, but it’s an answer that’s going to be another shocker for many of you. (you need to come back to life for this one) :] Scout’s honor – it is one gorgeous shade of white that I was unfamiliar with until now. And that brings me back to another point I made and am constantly harping about. please pin the staircase if you like It’s an extensive topic and I promise that I will be sharing more solutions to consider. And I found it fun to go back to this post and see how many things she has resurrected in this home.

My parents had a rustic home that they built in 1980. The living room was two-stories with floor to ceiling windows. Benjamin Moore – Winter Snow – oc-63 It is a cool white, but not always as you can see. In fact, I just attended a wonderful lecture with Bunny Williams who quoted Sister Parish as saying that if you don’t get the room right, the furniture doesn’t matter. I will leave you for now, with two more images of Nancy’s elegant living room! Again, I promise to continue with more information on other options for brick and stone fireplaces.

And blimey, I spent a considerable amount of time looking for a photo of it. It’s also upsetting because her next door neighbor purchased the home 4.5 years ago and then tore the whole thing down. In the center was a magnificent Lannon stone fireplace that formed the core of the home. Now, you might say that you like the hall and the stairs. The hall and stairs are already inherently charming with the wainscoting, arched doorway, high ceiling and wonderful old newel post. And it doesn’t go with Nancy’s fresh collected style. Nancy used Benjamin Moore paint in semi-gloss on the fireplace stone. haha xo, PS: Jennifer had a question about what to do if there’s no backsplash.

Color works well when it’s just around the fireplace, too.

Designer Maria Killam, CMG, used bright orange paint around and over the fireplace here, for a bold look you can easily replicate with any favorite hue.The design pro and blogger transformed her dark and dated fireplace into something bright and beautiful by whitewashing the brick.Here’s how Klemm did it: White paint with an eggshell finish was brushed on in small sections, and then wiped down with rags to remove most of the paint.If you’re not a bird-lover, almost any series of artwork with repeating themes and colors can work just as well.(To replicate the look on a budget, you can buy an art book and carefully cut out your favorite pages.)A trompe l’oeil treatment keeps the homefires ever-burning in this fireplace on Nantucket by Housefox Design.This brought touches of the original color through and gave her the rich texture she felt was missing after the whitewashing.

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