Updating fields in sql

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Updating fields in sql

I hope that made sense, let me elaborate: There is a table of tracking data for a quiz program where each row has..Question ID and Answer ID (there is a table for each).

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If that is more important to you than performance you might prefer this answer, especially if your update is a one off to correct some data. My server wont allow FROM to be used in an UPDATE statement. This may be a niche reason to perform an update (for example, mainly used in a procedure), or may be obvious to others, but it should also be stated that you can perform an update-select statement without using join (in case the tables you're updating between have no common field).

UPDATE Table SET Table.col1 = other_table.col1, Table.col2 = other_table.col2 FROM Table INNER JOIN other_table ON = other_WHERE Table.col1 ! = other_table.col2 OR ( other_table.col1 IS NOT NULL AND Table.col1 IS NULL ) OR ( other_table.col2 IS NOT NULL AND Table.col2 IS NULL ) ; WITH CTE AS (SELECT T1. So all the answers involving the FROM clause returned a syntax error. UPDATE suppliers SET supplier_name = (SELECT FROM customers WHERE customers.customer_id = suppliers.supplier_id) WHERE EXISTS (SELECT FROM customers WHERE customers.customer_id = suppliers.supplier_id); UPDATE Table SET Table.col1 = other_table.col1, Table.col2 = other_table.col2 --select Table.col1, other_table.col, Table.col2,other_table.col2, * FROM Table INNER JOIN other_table ON = other_UPDATE from SELECT with INNER JOIN in SQL Database Since there are too many replies of this post, which are most heavily up-voted, I thought I would provide my suggestion here too.

It was only during the process I realised that some of my sql statements were still built using user input. To a complete novice, it's not fully clear that there is a distinction as many experts throw out the comment about using PDO but don't specify t This works by using UPDATE to iterate over the INNER JOIN.

As such the ON functions as your WHERE clause and the INNER JOIN skips records that are not found in the JOINed table.

This answer turned up in the low quality review queue, presumably because you don't provide any explanation of the code. I am using a phone to reply this, no computer to try.

If this code answers the question, consider adding adding some text explaining the code in your answer. Or even use table variable like @tbl, "on Perm Table. What I usually do is putting everything in a rollbacked transaction and using the "OUTPUT": in this way I see everything that is about to happen.

This way, you are far more likely to get more upvotes — and help the questioner learn something new.-- Sample data: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREATE TABLE #SOURCE ([ID] INT, [Desc] VARCHAR(10)); CREATE TABLE #DESTINATION ([ID] INT, [Desc] VARCHAR(10)) INSERT INTO #SOURCE VALUES(1,'Desc_1'), (2, 'Desc_2'), (3, 'Desc_3'); INSERT INTO #DESTINATION VALUES(1,'Desc_4'), (2, 'Desc_5'), (3, 'Desc_6'); --------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE #DESTINATION SET #DESTINATION.[Desc] = #SOURCE.[Desc] FROM #SOURCE WHERE #DESTINATION.[ID] = #SOURCE.[ID] AND #Source.[Desc] = 'Desc_2' I think if you use [_id] on your #SOURCE not [ID] the same as #DESTINATION's, they might let you do JOIN. When I am happy with what I see, i change the ROLLBACK into COMMIT.

I usually need to document what I did, so I use the "results to Text" option when I run the rollbacked query and I save both the script and the result of the OUTPUT.

The two hyphens in front of a line indicate that the line is a comment and the text will be ignored by the compiler.

In this case, the comment describes a permissible variation of the syntax.

Although the question is very interesting, I have seen in many forum sites and made a solution using INNER JOIN with screenshots.

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