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We’re building up capital, finding our feet and gaining experience this year and hopefully by the end of 2015, I’ll be able to open my own shop.With the stalls, the spaces are quite small and one has to make an impression right there and then, so the menu is fairly limited.

I use the money I make from my comedy gigs to finance the business and that has been a challenge.

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I have 3 sisters and one brother who are all much older than me. My parents played a huge role in raising a few of my cousins that live/ lived with us, so growing up there was always children my age around the house. I didn’t see as much as I would have liked of my father as he worked away from home a lot but I loved him, still do, miss him a lot, always respected the sacrifices he made to provide for his family and for me. I have never wanted to connect with my biological parents and family. My parents made sure that I knew from day one as far back as I can remember, that I was adopted.

At home now it’s just my mom, Brenda, my closest sister Michelle and my 14 year old cousin, Brian. I used to just sit and watch him, he wouldn’t always speak a lot but I learnt plenty from his actions and the wise things he did tell me. She is probably the only person that truly understands me, even emotionally, she’s my confidant, the number 1 lady in my life. What is important to note here is that my family also always told me how much they loved me and physically showed me so I never once felt like I was different. Yes race has affected friendships but the friends I have in my life now, the longest standing friends, have never seen it as an issue and so I am extremely lucky to have a close group of friends from various race groups.

Through social media one has access to thousands of people for free.

It also helps to have a lot of famous friends who don’t mind putting your stuff on their social media platforms. The biggest challenge is the financial element of the business, especially since it’s grown so much in such a short space of time.What’s different about Ribs, Wings and Things from my other business venture attempts is that I’ve been able to work around the costs and financing of the business better; friends and family helped me with that.Also, when you get older you’re just wiser with your decision making.Without access to a huge marketing budget, how have you managed to put your business on the map?Social media has played the biggest role as far as marketing is concerned – the existence of it has also been a major influence in the better success of this business from my other attempts.Ribs, Wings and Things is a food stall that can be found in three of Johannesburg's most popular markets and has become a favourite destination for Joburg market-goers.

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