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We had Thanksgiving dinner with our son Randy and his wife, Janelle.Janelle's parents, Jackie and Merrietta Miller, were there, as were her aunt, Lynette, and uncle, Dale.

At the time, that meant I should be treated as an outcast.A person is going to continue seeking people – either good or bad – based on how they feel as a person.They only way to change that, is to change how a person views themselves. So often, we feel a need to tell people what type of person they should be dating.I was a stay-at-home mother, with a few periods of working in the business world, until I returned to college and became a teacher.I taught for nearly thirty years before retiring in 2001. Macayla and Keri are both married (Macayla to David Romines and Keri to Jarrod Smith) and have children. Rene's next two children (with unnamed) are Faris Alkordi and Yasmeen Alkordi. Rene's youngest is Aiden (Vince Farabaugh her husband and Aiden's father), who is in kindergarten.I wish daughter Rene and the rest of her family could have been here over Thanksgiving.

Her work has been published in newspapers and blogs.Now, my brother has finally reached high school age and he tells me about different girls he likes.Many refuse to date him because they don’t want to ruin the relationship.However, I'm thankful for the family members I did see and got to hug.Haylee told me she would tell Katie and Emma that Granny loves them.Instead, they seek out boys who treat them poorly and often my brother comforts their tears. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we seek out people who view us similarly to how we view ourselves or who push us towards the person we want to be.