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In Fort Lauderdale immigration and refuelling went smoothly, and it was not long before we were airborne again for the second leg.

“This has led to the development of a productive partnership with OPEN MIND and as a result, we have achieved a very high technical standard.”The joint rib milling project provides an example from the long-standing development partnership with the CAM provider.Based on this specification, OPEN MIND subsequently developed a rib milling cycle that introduces a lot of innovations to the machining sequence, such as: an integrated roughing/ finishing function, integrated pocket machining of wide ribs, automatic collision detection of the tool holder taking conical milling tools into account and integrated bottom machining.Many of those involved see the fact that the infeed parameters always come directly from the tool database, even in the case of automatically separated areas, as a particular highlight.Unfortunately it was overcast, so we had to imagine the views of New York etc.Strong tailwind meant we flew the 1370nm leg in less than 3 hours. Bangor welcomed us instead with freezing conditions and an approach with all anti ice systems on, all the way to landing.But the versions of the software have been superseded as part of a normal development, making it more and more difficult to integrate these macros.“We have been pleasantly surprised by the results in improving machining flexibility.

Thanks to the use of macros, we are able to concentrate more quickly on what is essential and dedicate ourselves to improving how each tool is machined.“In their search for a solution, Laurent Sifferlen, head of the process group at PSA (tooling, CAD/CAM, quality) and Serge Locher met with Jorge de Carvalho, application engineer at OPEN MIND and writer of the CAD/CAM software hyper MILL’s functionalities, ease of handling, its ability to manage complex paths, as well as its options for recording personalised macro instructions easily, and saving them.

Furthermore, doing away with manual introductions previously required makes it possible to achieve gains in terms of programming security, time and reliability.

One other of the major satisfactions of PSA Mulhouse’s tool shop programmers lies in the facility with which post processors have been implemented for each machine.

It was of course a gorgeous morning in the Caribbean. We were the only ones at the airport at 0700 for day 2. Formalities were completed quickly, and we were airborne just after 0800 for the 1135nm, three hour flight to Fort Lauderdale.

The route took us past Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas.

As translators of the instructions programmed in the right language for each machine and based on its kinematics, the post processors form a crucial interface between the software and CNC.