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High intensity, short duration sprints with short rests, such as 2 sets of 10 x 40m at 95 % intensity with only 30 seconds rest between reps and 5 minutes or more between sets will cause the last few reps of each set to mimic the feeling at the end of 400-meter and 800-meter races.

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Developing absolute speed, as well as the qualities of power and coordination (technique) that enhance speed, must be addressed as a fundamental and “base” concept.Science now tells us that “lactic acid” isn’t the cause of that fatigue.We are told now that there is a correlation of high levels of lactate and increasing acidity in the muscle, but that lactate isn’t the cause of that acidity.We cannot wait until late in the training year to work on speed.Base speed is trained simultaneously with base endurance, although in different sessions. According to a study done by the University of Western Australia, there is a 60% aerobic energy system contribution to top male athletes and 70% aerobic energy contribution for top female athletes running at 800-meters.

It is important to note that the slower the athlete is, the more aerobic contribution the event will require. However, the 800-meter is raced more like a sprint event, in that the first half of the race is faster than the last half of the race in top performances.It is also important to surround these sessions with contrasting sessions to allow the nervous system to recover.Training absolute speed qualities will also enhance efficient running technique at all lower velocities, and it will enhance the development of the ATP-CP system of stored energy that is readily available at the start of races.Endurance building repetitions are run at half marathon pace, 10k pace, 5k pace, 3200-meter pace and 1600-meter pace with relatively short rest periods.These types of sessions fall into the Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max categories of training.However, these are very demanding on the nervous system and create a different kind of fatigue if done with the appropriate level of intensity.

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    The bride entered the ceremony to Arthur Russell’s “Soon-to-Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See.” The couple’s officiant, friend Ezra Glenn, tweaked the traditional marriage vows, proclaiming, “Love is like an Uber you didn’t order but you get into anyway” and “From URL to IRL, in uppers and in downers,” followed by a reading of Kafka’s by friend Liz Milch, “because Audrey has described life with Ilan as a Kafkaesque experience.” Or, as Audrey, explains, “We asked Liz, who was instrumental in bringing us together, to do a reading.