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Its configuration stems from a combination of horsts, faults, and folded mountain chains of varying extent.Four peninsulas extend outward from the island’s center; no place on the island is more than 150 km from the coast.

Since 1998 the island has been the site of violence between Muslims and Christians.

The largest ethnic group is the Makasarese-Bugis, who are renowned as seafaring traders; they are Muslim. Present study and knowledge of this art has been largely confined to works discovered at more than 150 sites in W Europe, particularly to the magnificent cave paintings in N Spain and the Dordogne valley of SW France......

found in Sulawesi caves has been dated to at least 40,000 years ago. The Dutch expelled the Portuguese in the 1600s and conquered the natives in the Makasar War (1666–69).

Rice and sweet potatoes are among the principal crops, and there are plantations of coconut palm, coffee, spices, and rubber plants. The principal cities are Ujung Pandang (Makasar) and Wenang (Manado)., a series of feudal states, including those of Bone, Gowa, and Luwu, emerged on Sulawesi.

In the late 13th and 14th centuries, the states of Sulawesi were vassal states of the Majapahit Empire, which spread over all of what is now Indonesia.

The mountains are typically steep, with flat summits.

Active volcanoes, including Mount Soputan, dot the Minahasa Peninsula. The climate is subequatorial and monsoonal on most of the island and equatorial in the north.

No Unknown Soldiers(direct translation of original title Net neizvestnykh soldat) is a 1965 Soviet war drama directed by Sulamif Tsybulnik.

It depicts the tragical events of the defence of Kiev in August-September 1941, seen through the eyes of the young medical nurse Masha Savchenko. Pyotr Chumak (Viktor Miroshnichenko), Sergo Meliava (Soso Lagidze) and Ivan Nikonorov (Vitali Doroshenko), are armed with PPSh-41 SMGs.

Extremely irregular in shape, it comprises four large peninsulas separated by three gulfs—Tomini on the northeast, Tolo on the southeast, and Bone on the south.

Ujung Pandang Ujung Pandang, formerly Makasar, city (1990 pop.

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