Steve earle allison moorer dating

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Steve earle allison moorer dating

(Expect reviewers to make a lot of comparisons to Bob Dylan’s ) Out of respect for his son, and because it’s not his style anyway, Carll isn’t talking about the divorce, his relationship with Moorer, or what songs each may have inspired.

But I think after the divorce it wouldn’t have felt real to come out cracking jokes and one-liners.

I knew that in twenty years, I didn’t want to be playing the same twenty songs for people every night, knowing exactly the kind of reaction each one would get, while I’m up there secretly, slowly dying inside.” The drinking, which was partly a response to his restlessness, only exacerbated the situation.

“Being a traveling party takes a toll physically, and for me, psychically. “My drinking got progressively worse, almost second nature.

“As a performer, that resonated with me.” Occasionally, Carll drives his son to Austin’s South Congress Avenue to perform street magic for passersby. “I flew back to Austin late that evening and crawled into his bed to say good night,” Carll says over coffee at Austin’s Central Market, fighting back tears, pausing between sentences, apologizing for nearly breaking down completely. About halfway through that five-year gap between albums, Carll’s marriage to Eli’s mother, Jenna, became irreconcilable.

Around the same time, he dramatically cut back on his whiskey consumption.

“What are you gonna sing about, how there’s no towels at the country club? “I didn’t want to be a suburban pop singer in a turtleneck,” he says.

“I wanted to be seen as Guy Clark or Jerry Jeff Walker—a wild, smoking, drinking cowboy. But I knew I needed to find it.” After he graduated from Hendrix College, a small liberal arts university in Arkansas, Carll made a concerted effort to find the people who had fascinated him as a teenager.

If I didn’t push myself now, I knew it was going to be harder and harder to do later.

And I knew if I was going to do that, I’d need to shake free of my comfort zones.

When you’re bored and not challenging yourself, you have to find a way to make it interesting.

If I drank enough whiskey, I could fool myself into feeling my lyrics and feel like I was connecting in a profound way.” It didn’t help that Carll, like so many performers, and so many drinkers, is actually shy and self-conscious. So with a big, rowdy crowd, though I’m sure I didn’t look very cool, booze certainly helped me feel cool in the moment.” Carll may have drunk excessively for confidence, but he also thought it gave him authenticity.

n a recent Sunday afternoon, a few hours before the crowds started showing up for Chicken Shit Bingo at Austin’s Little Longhorn Saloon, a twelve-year-old magician worked one side of the room.