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Stephanie mcintosh dating - can tall girls dating short guys

Our latest features and articles can be found at our blog.For press enquiries, images of our organic linens, samples for photographic shoots, discounts on products for room makeovers or any further information on the company or its founder, please contact Stephanie Mc Intosh by phone on tel: 44 (0)1 or email [email protected]

I love your single and I just wanted to know if you wanted to be an actor or a music artist when you were younger. i love you i think you have a great voice and you are an excellent actress! It's behind the scenes of making the record and a few sneaky bits of my personal life. How hard has it been in the Spotlight, having a Superstar boyfriend and your upcoming career. But it can be very demanding being well known and quite a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day I'm doing what I love doing so I'm very greatfull and know you have to take the good with the bad and vice versa! I'm very passionate about singing and have been doing it all my life, so I’m pretty addiment about that coming through! A large majority of neighbours stars go on to take up music careers - Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance, Delta Goodrem, and most famously Kylie Minogue.

) but couldn't have done any of this without her and my families support. Have you decided to stay with Nick Reiwoldt despite the Saint's early exit from the finals?

From what I understand, the Australian consumer market is extremely fickle and prone to tall poppy syndrome. Rick you've got to stick together thru thick and thin ha ha!

The secret to avoiding this, or so I have read, is to avoid rising to fame too quickly and over saturation. Also, your new single is great.up the tremendous work. So yes although he wont be waving the flag this year, think I'll hang around!!

Do you feel like The Steph Show might be too much too soon for the Australian public? I think I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don’t!! I guess pretty cool when you get someone like yourself commenting! How do you think you'll break the stereotype of the neighbours actress turned pop singer perception?

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According to Stephanie Mc Intosh is an Australian actress and singer.What was yours first passion and which do you prefer right now? I have always loved both as they're very different. What is your new reality tv show on ten called and what is it about? hi steph my name is anita, I think that ur song is really good, I luv watching neighbours it's one of my favourite shows Thankyou Anita that's really lovely of you and your support is very encouraging to me! How do you think you are you different from other young female artists? I feel I have my own sound and style, but at the end of the day you and anyone else have to agree and feel connected to me and my music!! Do you ever worry that there could be some kind of backlash from the expectations attached to your debut? If I worried about that sort of thing I'd do my head in!! Most artists that have come out off the show have only had success and to me that can only be a positive thing!!First of all Steph, I'm smitten for you and love your music!! I'm just wondering if you have found more time to yourself since leaving neighbour's or less? Well I haven't left Neighbours, so don't have much time at all!! Do you believe that your music will make a difference? Stingray if I said yes to your first question then I'd be contridicting everything else you've asked.Do you believe that you are perhaps seen as a 'role model' to young teenage girls and that your perception of reality is perhaps setting a wrong example? I don't believe I'm manufactured, you have to start somewhere!! love the song and love the show, but does it have to be on at the time that the simpsons is usually on? Chris Williams How does nick feel about your album does he like it or not ? Hey Steph, I just wanted to tell you that my friend Em thinks you're absolutely awesome.And having "Neighbours" as my starting point is only very positive to me! maybe it can be on straight after neighbours instead. How do you and him feel about the footy final's, because I am one of the biggest St. Anyway hope all goes well for album and what's to come. His always the first person I play the songs to and always ask him what he thinks on everything Im doing and he loves the record (im not just saying that!! She is obessed with your song, mistake so much so she bought it and the remix off itunes.Is it true that your mother is an executive for Channel 10?

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