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Referring to the Seaway project, a retired Iowa State University economics professor who specialized in transportation issues said, "It probably did make sense, at about the time it (the Seaway) was constructed and conceived, but since then everything has changed." The Panama Canal was completed in 1914 and also serves ocean-going traffic. Many vessels designed for use on the Great Lakes following the opening of the seaway were built to the maximum size permissible by the locks, known informally as Seawaymax or Seaway-Max.

By 1941, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Mackenzie King made an executive agreement to build the joint hydro and navigation works, but this failed to receive the assent of the U. The railroads carried freight and goods between the coastal ports and the Great Lakes cities. Growing impatient, and with Ontario desperate for the power to be generated by hydro-electricity, Canada began to consider "going it alone". (This became the joint responsibility of Ontario and New York: as a hydro-power dam would change the water levels, it required bilateral cooperation.) The International Joint Commission issued an order of approval for joint construction of the dam in October 1952. It received approval by the Senate and the House by May 1954. Eisenhower signed the Wiley-Dondero Seaway Act to authorize joint construction and to establish the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation as the US authority. Danelian (who was the director of the 13-volume Saint Lawrence Seaway Survey in the U. Department of Navigation (1932–1963)), worked with the U. Secretary of State on Canadian-United States issues regarding the Seaway, persevering through 15 years to gain passage by Congress of the Seaway Act. Lawrence Association to promote Seaway development to benefit the American Heartland.

The maximum height clearance would be 150 feet (46 m), because of the height clearance limitations of the Mackinac Bridge, Ambassador Bridge, Blue Water Bridge, and the Gordie Howe International Bridge (to be completed in 2019-20). Proposals to expand the seaway, dating from as early as the 1960s, have been rejected since the late 20th century as too costly.

The maximum water draft would be 35 or 36 feet (11 m), compared to 27 feet (8.2 m) now. In addition, researchers, policymakers and the public are much more aware of the environmental issues that have accompanied Seaway development and are reluctant to open the Great Lakes to more invasions of damaging species, as well as associated issues along the canals and river.

) is a system of locks, canals and channels in Canada and the United States that permit ocean-going vessels to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes of North America, as far inland as the western end of Lake Superior.

The Seaway is named for the Saint Lawrence River, which flows from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean.

Europe is no longer a major grain importer; big US export shipments are now going to South America, Asia and Africa. The size of vessels that can traverse the seaway is limited by the size of locks. Lawrence and on the Welland Canal are 766 ft (233.5 m) long, 80 ft (24.4 m) wide, and 30 ft (9.14 m) deep.

These destinations make Gulf and West Coast ports more critical to 21st-century grain exports. The maximum allowed vessel size is slightly smaller: 740 ft (225.6 m) long, 78 ft (23.8 m) wide, and 26.5 ft (8.1 m) deep.

Eisenhower formally opened the Seaway with a short cruise aboard the royal yacht HMY Britannia after addressing crowds in Saint-Lambert, Quebec.

22,000 workers were employed at one time or another on the project, a 2,300-mile-long superhighway for ocean freighters. Brockel forecast just before the Seaway opened in 1959 that "The St.

The Seaway locks are planned for expansion in 2030. A vessel's draft is another obstacle to passage on the seaway, particularly in connecting waterways such as the St. The depth in the channels of the seaway is 41 ft (12.5 m) (Panamax-depth) downstream of Quebec City, 35 ft (10.7 m) between Quebec City and Deschaillons, 37 ft (11.3 m) to Montreal, and 27 ft (8.2 m) upstream of Montreal.

The expansion would allow container ships to travel into the Great Lakes. Channel depths and limited lock sizes mean that only 10% of current ocean-going ships, which have been built much larger than in the 1950s, can traverse the entire seaway.

This treaty was submitted to the United States Senate in November 1932 and hearings continued until a vote was taken on March 14, 1934.

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