Srilankan dating sites

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Srilankan dating sites

Trade between the two countries increased from US$ 150 million to over US$ 300 million during the last three years, as it doubled within a short period of time with the positive support gained from the FTA.Bilateral trade between the two countries strengthened as reflected by an increase in the number of products imported from and exported to Sri Lanka such as fish, meat, vegetable, foliage, plant, sugar, biscuits, pastry, cakes, mineral products, fiber boards, leather and leather-based products, footwear, gems, jewellery, value-added copper products, electrical items, bicycles, boats, and floating structures.

Some 5000 years ago seed stones were found in storage bins excavated in Mohan Jo Daro, in Indus Valley which is considered as one of the oldest civilization of world. It is the 3rd largest fruit grown after Mango and citrus.There was a great demand for Pakistani produces such as cotton yarn, fabrics, potatoes, pharmaceutical products, knitted or crocheted fabrics, articles of iron and steel, galvanized pipes, rice, fish, seafood, textile articles, articles of apparel and clothing accessories, rods of refined copper etc.Sri Lanka was the first country to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Pakistan.The civilizational links between Pakistan and Sri Lanka date back to the dawn of Buddhism.The archaeological sites in Taxila, adjacent to Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad, are a living testimony to this fact.The two brotherly countries have also signed the Bilateral Investment treaty in December 1997, which came into force in January 2000 after ratification.

In addition a memorandum of understanding between Board of Investment Pakistan and Board of Investment Sri Lanka has also been signed in February 2007 for strengthening of cooperation in all the sectors of investment of both countries.

The products Pakistan export are soft dates, dry dates, half repend dates as daug or rutab, dates blacks, pelted dates with almond and khewnuts.

Presently Pakistan is holding 11% share of the world date production.

A trade delegation of dates growers and exporters has arrived in Sri Lanka from Pakistan to enhance the bilateral trade and to introduce the Pakistani date varieties in the Sri Lankan market.

During their stay in Sri Lanka, the delegation will be holding meetings with the Sri Lankan fruit and dry fruit importers as well as other stakeholders to explore the possibilities of enhancing bilateral trade.

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