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Single women in romania adult dating mihaela 38 yo - cupid dating new zealand

-NAME | Gopal | AGE 35 SEX: m | EMAIL:[email protected]| ADDRESS: GPO Box 695, IN-700001 Calcutta, INDIA | L: e | HOBBIES: making friends for pleasure and business. -NAME Jacob John | AGE 44 male | EMAIL:[email protected]| ADDRESS: Syndicate Bank, Zonal Office, 27 Shakespear Sarani, IN-700017 Calcutta, INDIA | L: English | HOBBIES: making friends, I am divorced man looking for penfriends (female only) -NAME Rafi-Ud-Dowla | AGE 18 | SEX: male | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: B-14/E-6, A. It would be nice to hear from people all over the world. -NAME xman102 | AGE 36 | SEX: male | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: PO Box 733, L.

-Mats | 43 male | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: Kalajoki, FINLAND | L: Finnish, Swedish, English, little Germany, learning Spanish | HOBBIES: computers, stones, coins, building houses, , Spain is interesting in future! Partying, meet people, reading sci-fi & horror | SIGNAL IS: Happy :) - Hello everyone out there!! Mbara Touray, c/o Mbayang Sarr, PO Box 2664, Serekunda, The GAMBIA (West Africa). Please send me a long letter and your photos and we will begin from there. Thanks and please don't and I promise to reply your letters as soon as possible.

-NAME Lucas | AGE 36 | SEX: male | EMAIL: [email protected] | ADDRESS: PO Box 733, Los Angeles CA 90066, USA | L: English | HOBBIES: basketball, dancing to house music, computers, art museums, swimming, other cultures, making love | I would like to meet a sexy full figure, pleasingly plump, voluptuous, rubenesque females for friendship.

SIGNAL IS: Thank you Signal for being free of charge!

A female who is not affraid of a dating possibility.

-NAME: Stephen | AGE: 49y/o | SEX: male | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA | L: English, (learning French, Finnish, Spanish) | HOBBIES: family, films, hiking, painting, snorkeling, gardening, literature, music, photography, daydreaming, etc. NAME Joanna Spendel | AGE 23 female | EMAIL: [email protected] | ADDRESS: The Old Post Office, Haughton, GB-ST18-9JH Stafford, ENGLAND | L: English, Polish | HOBBIES: music, dance, reading, animals, yoga, fun!

-NAME Sirpa Jrvinen | AGE 23 female | ADDRESS: Myllymenkatu 9 as 7, FI-13130 Hmeenlinna, FINLAND | L: English | HOBBIES: I have many hobbies and I will tell you in the letter. -NAME Martin Gutsch | AGE 27 | SEX: m | EMAIL: Gutsch.

[email protected]| ADDRESS: Nuernberger Weg 3, DE-59439 Holzwickede, GERMANY | L: German, English, French | HOBBIES: dancing, biking, holidays | SIGNAL IS: great. Laars) | AGE: 14 female | EMAIL: [email protected] | ADDRESS: British Columbia, CANADA | L: English! -NAME CHANDRASHEKHAR PANT | AGE 46 | SEX: m | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: Rdmansbacken 7, 2tr., SE-14556 Norsborg, SWEDEN | L: e sw r | HOBBIES: trade contacts, adult contacts, Big Mails | SIGNAL IS: A great effort for promoting tolerance among peoples -NAME : Jayne Nduta Kamau | AGE 24 | SEX: female| EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: PO Box 40273, Mombasa, KENYA | L: English | HOBBIES: socialising, travelling, movies and dancing | SIGNAL IS: Great!

I want to seek a family from England for living my children for knowledge of English language during 1-2 month. Love to hear from penpals around the world m or f 8-108 | SIGNAL IS: Great (I hope) -Luc | AGE 32 male | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: 1, r. - Chandra | AGE 46 | SEX: male | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: Rdmansb. FI | ADDRESS: Espoo, FINALND | L: English | HOBBIES: travel | SIGNAL IS: great way to meet new people, hoping to meet a nice mature lady for friendship and to correspond by e-mail.

Laurent, BE-7160 Pieton, BELGIUM | L: French, English | HOBBIES: Pataphysique, musics, movies, reading, sports, arts, travels... 7, 2tr., SE-14556 Norsborg, SWEDEN | L: English, Swedish | HOBBIES: travel, friendship, business, meditation | SIGNAL IS: fantastic -Mike Ahur | AGE 28 male | ADDRESS: 22 Camelot House, Edmonton, London N9-9TE, ENGLAND | L: English | HOBBIES: photography, films, motor sports, reading adult correspondence, seeking adult correspondence with females world wide | SIGNAL IS: ok -Marcelo Marques | AGE 17 male | EMAIL: [email protected] | ADDRESS: Avenida gua Fria 944 Santana - So Paulo - BRAZIL | L: English, Portuguese and Spanish | HOBBIES: All of them!! -NAME: KC | AGE 44 female | EMAIL: [email protected]| L: English | HOBBIES: 13 28 42 48 49 50 51 52 58. I am British living in Finland -Tatijana | 16 female | [email protected] | English | travels, cooking, good music | I'm a nice girl, clever with a sense of humor, want to correspondent with boys from other countries and have a good friend -Mari Ruotsalo | AGE 17, female | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: Ripikatu 5 a 1, FI-21110 Naantali, FINLAND | L: fi e sw f g s | HOBBIES: penpalling, e-mails, music, reading | SIGNAL IS: really great - MUNNA | AGE 46m | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: Rdmansb.7,2tr., SE-14556 Norsborg, SWEDEN | L:e sw | HOBBIES: sex, religion, nature, travel | SIGNAL IS: A fantastic site on the internet for promoting peace among peoples. but will be visiting Helsinki in the summer; would like to hear from anyone with similar interests for correspondence and possibly meeting / socialising while I'm there - Raja Sen | AGE: 32 | SEX: M | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: B-203, Sarita Vihar, IN-110 044 New Delhi, INDIA | L: English, Deutsch | HOBBIES: travel, languages, cinema, music & dancing, photography, meeting new people, penpals, 73, 75 | SIGNAL IS: A great medium for world communication -Udaya | AGE: 27 | SEX: male | ADDRESS: Ruutikellarintie 2 A 7, FI-02600 Espoo, FINLAND | L: English | HOBBIES: music, outdoor life, movies, reading books and computer | SIGNAL IS: a channel for finding Suvi | AGE 14 | SEX: female | EMAIL: [email protected]| HOBBIES: reading, playing the piano, swimming, writing letters... If you are something 15-16 years ago, write to me!!!!!!

| HOBBIES: skiing, mountain-biking, rock-climbing, emailing! | I'm interested in a mature, honest and true relationship.

-NAME Basha | AGE 27| SEX: m | EMAIL: [email protected]| ADDRESS: PO Box 22188, Doha, QATAR | L: English | HOBBIES: Seeks all kinds of female penpals for friendship and more. | SIGNAL IS: Real Love -NAME Jolanta Anceraviciute | AGE 21| SEX: f | EMAIL: [email protected] | ADDRESS: LITHUANIA | L:g e | HOBBIES: languages, jokes, Science Fiction, nature, art, sport | SIGNAL IS: Silly question, S is OK! Colony Motijheel, BD-1000 Dhaka, BANGLADESH | L: Enlish | HOBBIES: sports, penpals | SIGNAL IS: FINEST EVER -* N i n a* * * | 31f | EMAIL:[email protected]| SWEDEN | L:e | H: travelling, corresponding, reggae & soul.

I'll send you a photo if you'll email me your address. Single white male in the lonely hearts club, searching for female for friendship, long-term relationship. | Language: English | HOBBIES & INTERESTS: home & gardening, law, history, service, languages, religion, likes reading, camping, and I sincerely wish to correspond and meet a very nice girl / woman 18-35 years old for longlasting friendship and more.

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