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(Talmud – Sotah 12b) To her credit, from here the great Moses was born.We see Miriam’s foresight and confidence in confronting her father, and convincing him to abandon what would be tantamount to national suicide.

She doesn't lash out at Avraham’s opinion, nor does she try to prove that she is right.

As a young girl, Miriam witnessed the terrible tragedies of Egyptian slavery and the deaths of many Jewish infants through Pharaoh's decree.

Her father, Amram, despaired of any hope to build a nation during this tragic time, and to ensure that no more Jewish children would suffer in the world, he separated from his wife, Yocheved.

Miriam is able to look beyond the facts and figures, at the big picture: We have a nation to build, a future, a mission!

She doesn't get caught up in the despair of the here and now, but rather clings to her vision and responsibility to maintain the nation in whatever way possible.

Sarah, the first Jewish woman, was a true partner with Avraham in their mission to spread ethical monotheism throughout the pagan world.

After many years of childlessness, she takes in Hagar, her maidservant, as a surrogate mother for the son whom she hopes will lead the Jewish nation.They might interpret it to mean that Godly people are cruel; this is also a desecration of God's Name.When viewed in comparison, Sarah is incredibly long-sighted, with a vision that encompassed the "big picture" of Jewish destiny and global repair.But God agrees with Sarah, and the Midrash confirms her pure intentions: Sarah saw Yishmael building altars and sacrificing animals for idol worship. What a great desecration of God's Name it would be for the entire message of Godliness in this world to be stunted or aborted.She said, "What if Yitzhak, my son, will learn from him? Avraham, on the other hand, saw the here and now: Our neighbors know we have an Egyptian maidservant, and will think ill of us when she is kicked out with her son.Each of the great Jewish women in the Bible possess unique character traits, strengths and abilities.

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