Sexy hot girls live cam no registration

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Sexy hot girls live cam no registration

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cctrl=public,max-age=518400&quality=90&imagesource=IMLFOH&mark=1&watermark=0&width=422&height=315&filename=0193/1211193/1211193O1496302017.jpg" data-r-id="160" data-price-id="3" data-price="1.98" data-is-hh="False" data-is-online="false" data-bio-page="/live-sex-chat/shy-girl/Linddy" data-is-auto-play="false" data-is-room-full="False" data-ratingstars="5" data-awardname="Best Role Player" data-awardimage="feature_5.svg" data-awardposition="2" data-reviewcount="15" data-countawards="0" data-longest_positive_review="Linddy made my day, brought a smile to my face and I hope enjoyed the time with me... 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Apatani [apt], Apurinã [apu], Western Apache [apw], Aputai [apx], Ampeeli-Wojokeso [apz], Atohwaim [aqm], Northern Alta [aqn], Akpe [aqp], Arua [ara], Akawaio [arb], Archi [arc], Arabana [ard], Western Arrarnta [are], Arafundi [arf], Xaragure [arg], Ica [arh], Arikara [ari], Arapaso [arj], Arikapú [ark], Arabela [arl], Armenian [arm], Arhâ [arn], Araona [aro], Arapaho [arp], Algerian Spoken Arabic [arq], Rondônia Arára [arr], Najdi Spoken Arabic [ars], Rikbaktsa [art], Mapudungun [aru], Arbore [arv], Arawak [arw], Aruá [arx], Moroccan Spoken Arabic [ary], Egyptian Spoken Arabic [arz], Asu [asa], Assiniboine [asb], Casuarina Coast Asmat [asc], Asas [asd], American Sign Language [ase], Australian Sign Language [asf], Cishingini [asg], Abishira [ash], Buruwai [asi], Nsari [asj], Ashkun [ask], Asilulu [asl], Assamese [asm], Xingú Asuriní [asn], Dano [aso], Algerian Sign Language [asp], Austrian Sign Language [asq], Asuri [asr], Ipulo [ass], Central Asmat [ast], Asuriní [asu], Asua [asv], Australian Aborigines Sign Language [asw], Asat [asx], Yaosakor Asmat [asy], As [asz], Pele-Ata [ata], Zaiwa [atb], Atsahuaca [atc], Ata Manobo [atd], Atemble [ate], Atuence [atf], Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe [atg], Faire Atta [ath], Attié [ati], Aceh [atj], Ati [atk], Ata [atm], Ashtiani [atn], Atong [ato], Pudtol Atta [atp], Aralle-Tabulahan [atq], Atruahí [atr], Gros Ventre [ats], Pamplona Atta [att], Atuot [atu], Northern Altai [atv], Atsugewi [atw], Arutani [atx], Aneityum [aty], Arta [atz], Asumboa [aua], Asturian [aub], Waorani [auc], Anuta [aud], Kung-Gobabis [aue], Aguna [aug], Aushi [auh], Anuki [aui], Awjilah [auj], Wanib [auk], Aulua [aul], Aunalei [aun], Auyokawa [auo], Aturu [aup], Anus [auq], Aruek [aur], Aushiri [aus], Austral [aut], Auye [auu], Auvergnat [auv], Awyi [auw], Alu [aux], Awiyaana [auy], Uzbeki Spoken Arabic [auz], Avatime [ava], Avau [avb], Alviri-Vidari [avd], Haveke [ave], Avikam [avi], Levantine Bedawi Spoken Arabic [avl], Northeast Egyptian Bedawi Spoken Arabic [avl], Agavotaguerra [avo], Avar [avr], Au [avt], Avokaya [avu], Avá-Canoeiro [avv], Eastern Acipa [awa], Awa [awb], Western Acipa [awc], Awadhi [awd], Awetí [awe], Agwamin [awg], Aekyom [awi], Nohon Awyu [awj], Awabakal [awk], Arawum [awm], Awngi [awn], Awak [awo], Awera [awr], Araweté [awt], Awun [aww], Awara [awx], Acre Arára [axa], Mato Grosso Arára [axg], Yaka [axk], Aragonese [axx], Awar [aya], Ayizo-Gbe [ayb], Southern Aymara [ayc], Ayabadhu [ayd], Anyanga [ayg], Hadrami Spoken Arabic [ayh], Leyigha [ayi], Libyan Spoken Arabic [ayl], Northwest Egyptian Bedawi Spoken Arabic [ayl], Central Aymara [aym], Sanaani Spoken Arabic [ayn], Ayoreo [ayo], North Mesopotamian Spoken Arabic [ayp], Sorsogon Ayta [ays], Bataan Ayta [ayt], Ayu [ayu], Ayi [ayx], Tayabas Ayta [ayy], Mai Brat [ayz], South Azerbaijani [azb], North Azerbaijani [aze], Oaxaca Amuzgo [azg], Santa María Ipalapa Amuzgo [azm], Awing [azo], Adzera [azr], Sierra de Puebla Nahuatl [azz], Basaa [baa], Gunyuño Bainouk [bab], Badui [bac], Eritai [bad], Baré [bae], Nubaca [baf], Tuki [bag], Bahamas Creole English [bah], Baniwa [bai], Barakai [baj], Bakwé [bak], Bacama [bam], Yemba [ban], Waimaha [bao], Bantawa [bap], Babatana [baq], Bavarian [bar], Bassa [bas], Bekati' [bat], Bada [bau], Vengo [bav], Bambili [baw], Bamun [bax], Batuley [bay], Tunen [baz], Bariba [bba], Baruga [bbb], Batak Toba [bbc], Bau [bbd], Bangba [bbe], Baibai [bbf], Barama [bbg], Bugan [bbh], Barombi [bbi], Ghomala' [bbj], Babanki [bbk], Bats [bbl], Babango [bbm], Bali [bbn], Northern Bobo Madaré [bbo], West Central Banda [bbp], Bamali [bbq], Girawa [bbr], Bakpinka [bbs], Mburku [bbt], Kulung [bbu], Barim [bbv], Baba [bbw], Bubia [bbx], Befang [bby], Babalia Creole Arabic [bbz], Barai [bca], Southern Balochi [bcc], North Babar [bcd], Bamenyam [bce], Bamu [bcf], Baga Binari [bcg], Bariai [bch], Baule [bci], Baadi [bcj], Bunaba [bck], Psohoh [bcl], Banoni [bcm], Bali [bcn], Kaluli [bco], Bali [bcp], Bench [bcq], Babine [bcr], Kohumono [bcs], Bendi [bct], Awad Bing [bcu], Shoo-Minda-Nyem [bcv], Pamona [bcx], Bislama [bcy], Bainouk [bcz], Bayot [bda], Basap [bdb], Embera-Baudó [bdc], Bunama [bdd], Bade [bde], Behdini [bdf], Bonggi [bdg], Baka [bdh], Burun [bdi], Bai [bdj], Budukh [bdk], Indonesian Bajau [bdl], Buduma [bdm], Baldamu [bdn], Bende [bdp], Bahnar [bdq], West Coast Bajau [bdr], Burunge [bds], Bokoto [bdt], Bakundu-Balue [bdu], Bodo Parja [bdv], Baham [bdw], Biksi [bdx], Bandjalang [bdy], Badeshi [bdz], Beaver [bea], Bebele [beb], Iceve-Maci [bec], Bedoanas [bed], Byangsi [bee], Benabena [bef], Belait [beg], Biali [beh], Bedawi [bei], Beembe [bej], Bebeli [bek], Bella Coola [bel], Bemba [bem], Benga [ben], Beami [beo], Besoa [bep], Bela [beq], Berik [ber], Besme [bes], Guiberoua Bété [bet], Blagar [beu], Daloa Bété [bev], Betawi [bew], Jur Modo [bex], Beli [bey], Bena [bez], Bari [bfa], Bafut [bfd], Betaf [bfe], Bofi [bff], Busang Kayan [bfg], Bafanji [bfj], Banda-Ndélé [bfl], Mmen [bfm], Malba Birifor [bfo], Badaga [bfq], Bazigar [bfr], Braj Bhasha [bfs], Balti [bft], Bunan [bfu], Baiga [bfv], Bondo [bfw], Bagata [bfx], Bagheli [bfy], Mahasu Pahari [bfz], Gwamhi-Wuri [bga], Bahawalpuri [bgb], Haryanvi [bgc], Bareli [bgd], Bauria [bge], Bangandu [bgf], Binjhwari [bgg], Bathudi [bgh], Giangan [bgi], Bangolan [bgj], Bit [bgk], Bo [bgl], Baga Mboteni [bgm], Western Balochi [bgn], Baga Koga [bgo], Eastern Balochi [bgp], Bagri [bgq], Bawm Chin [bgr], Tagabawa Manobo [bgs], Bughotu [bgt], Kamkam [bgu], Warkay-Bipim [bgv], Bhatri [bgw], Balkan Gagauz Turkish [bgx], Benggoi [bgy], Banggai [bgz], Bharia [bha], Bhili [bhb], Bhuiya [bhc], Bhadrawahi [bhd], Bathari [bhe], Busa [bhf], Binandere [bhg], Bukharic [bhh], Bhilala [bhi], Bhojpuri [bhj], Albay Bicolano [bhk], Bimin [bhl], Bhumij [bhm], Bhatneri [bhn], British Sign Language [bho], Bima [bhp], Tukangbesi South [bhq], Bhottara [bhr], Buwal [bhs], Bhattiyali [bht], Bhunjia [bhu], Bahau [bhv], Biak [bhw], Bhalay [bhx], Bhoyari [bhy], Bada [bhz], Biliri [bia], Bissa [bib], Bikaru [bic], Bidiyo [bid], Bepour [bie], Biafada [bif], Biangai [big], Bideyat [bih], Bisu [bii], Kwanka [bij], Koronadal Blaan [bik], Bile [bil], Bimoba [bim], Binji [bin], Nai [bio], Bila [bip], Bipi [biq], Bisorio [bir], Sarangani Blaan [bis], Bitara [bit], Biete [biu], Southern Birifor [biv], Kol [biw], Bijori [bix], Birhor [biy], Baloi [biz], Budza [bja], Banggarla [bjb], Bariji [bjc], Bandjigali [bjd], Biao-Jiao Mien [bje], Bidyogo [bjg], Bahinemo [bjh], Burji [bji], Kanauji [bjj], Barok [bjk], Bulu [bjl], Bajelan [bjm], Banjar [bjn], Mid-Southern Banda [bjo], Binumarien [bjr], Busuu [bju], Bayali [bjy], Kyak [bka], Eastern Bontoc [bkb], Baka [bkc], Binukid [bkd], Bengkulu [bke], Beeke [bkf], Buraka [bkg], Bakoko [bkh], Baki [bki], Pande [bkj], Brokskat [bkk], Central Bicolano [bkl], Kom [bkm], Bukitan [bkn], Kwa' [bko], Boko [bkp], Bakairí [bkq], Bakumpai [bkr], Masbate Sorsogon [bks], Boloki [bkt], Buhid [bku], Bekwarra [bkv], Bekwel [bkw], Bilala [bkx], Bokyi [bky], Bungku [bkz], Ganja [bla], Bilua [blb], Blackfoot [blc], Bolango [bld], Balanta [ble], Buol [blf], Bulgarian [blg], Kuwaa [blh], Bolia [bli], Bolongan [blj], Pa'o Karen [blk], Biloxi [bll], Beli [blm], Southern Catanduanes Bicolano [bln], Anii [blo], Blablanga [blp], Baluan-Pam [blq], Blang [blr], Balaesan [bls], Tai Dam [blt], Hmong Njua [blu], Bolo [blv], Balangao [blw], Mag-Indi Ayta [blx], Boulba [bly], Balantak [blz], Lame [bma], Bembe [bmb], Biem [bmc], Baga Maduri [bmd], Bomassa [bme], Bom [bmf], Bamwe [bmg], Bemal [bmh], Bagirmi [bmi], Bote-Majhi [bmj], Boianaki [bmk], Bomboli [bml], Bhim [bmm], Bina [bmn], Bambalang [bmo], Bulgebi [bmp], Bomu [bmq], Muinane [bmr], Burmese [bms], Biao Mien [bmt], Burum-Mindik [bmu], Bum [bmv], Bomwali [bmw], Baimak [bmx], Bemba [bmy], Baramu [bmz], Bonerate [bna], Baukan [bnb], Central Bontoc [bnc], Banda [bnd], Bintauna [bne], Masiwang [bnf], Bengali [bng], Banawá [bnh], Bangi [bni], Eastern Tawbuid [bnj], Bierebo [bnk], Boon [bnl], Batanga [bnm], Bunun [bnn], Bantoanon [bno], Bola [bnp], Bantik [bnq], Butmas-Tur [bnr], Bundeli [bns], Baniata [bnt], Bentong [bnu], Bonerif [bnv], Bisis [bnw], Bangubangu [bnx], Bintulu [bny], Beezen [bnz], Bora [boa], Boni [bob], Bakung Kenyah [boc], Boga [bod], Bu [boe], Bolon [bof], Boma [boh], Anjam [boj], Bonjo [bok], Bole [bol], Berom [bom], Baragaunle [bon], Tièma Cièwè Boso [boo], Bonkiman [bop], Bogaya [boq], Borôro [bor], Bosilewa [bos], Bongo [bot], Bondei [bou], Bowiri [bov], Rema [bow], Bwamu [box], Bodo [boy], Tiéyaxo Boso [boz], Dakaka [bpa], Barbacoas [bpb], Banda-Banda [bpd], Bonggo [bpg], Botlikh [bph], Bagupi [bpi], Orowe [bpk], Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin [bpl], Biyom [bpm], Ba Pai [bpn], Bapu [bpo], Kaure [bpp], Bugis [bpr], Barrow Point [bpt], Bongu [bpu], Bian Marind [bpv], Bo [bpw], Basa [bqa], Bagusa [bqb], Boko [bqc], Bung [bqd], Navarro-Labourdin Basque [bqe], Bali Sign Language [bqf], Bago [bqg], Baima [bqh], Bhilori [bqi], Bandial [bqj], Banda-Mbrès [bqk], Bilakura [bql], Wumboko [bqm], Bulgarian Sign Language [bqn], Balo [bqo], Busa-Bisã [bqp], Biritai [bqq], Burusu [bqr], Bosngun [bqs], Bamukumbit [bqt], Boguru [bqu], Balenque [bqv], Buru [bqw], Baangi [bqx], Bambara [bra], Brao [brb], Berbice Creole Dutch [brc], Baraamu [brd], Bitare [bre], Bera [brf], Baure [brg], Brahui [brh], Mokpwe [bri], Bieria [brj], Birked [brk], Birwa [brl], Barambu [brm], Boruca [brn], Barapasi [brp], Breri [brq], Birao [brr], Baras [brs], Breton [brt], Eastern Bru [bru], Western Bru [brv], Bellari [brw], Bodo [brx], Burui [bry], Bilbil [brz], Baso [bsa], Brunei Bisaya [bsb], Basari [bsc], Sarawak Bisaya [bsd], Wushi [bse], Baushi [bsf], Bashkardi [bsg], Kati [bsh], Bassossi [bsi], Bangwinji [bsj], Burushaski [bsk], Basa-Kaduna [bsl], Busami [bsm], Barasana [bsn], Buso [bso], Baga Sitemu [bsp], Basque [bsq], Bassa-Kontagora [bsr], Akoose [bss], Basketto [bst], Bahonsuai [bsu], Baga Sobané [bsv], Baiso [bsw], Bashar [bsx], Sabah Bisaya [bsy], Souletin Basque [bsz], Bata [bta], Beti [btb], Bati [btc], Batak Dairi [btd], Gamo-Ningi [bte], Birgit [btf], Gagnoa Bété [btg], Biatah [bth], Burate [bti], Bacanese Malay [btj], Batak [btk], Bhatola [btl], Batak Mandailing [btm], Ratagnon [btn], Iriga Bicolano [bto], Budibud [btp], Batek [btq], Baetora [btr], Batak Simalungun [bts], Bete-Bende [btt], Batu [btu], Bateri [btv], Butuanon [btw], Batak Karo [btx], Bobot [bty], Batak Alas-Kluet [btz], Bunak [bua], Bua [bub], Ntcham [bud], Bushoong [buf], Balau [bug], Younuo Bunu [buh], Bongili [bui], Bugawac [buk], Bukusu [bul], Bulu [bum], Sherbro [bun], Buin [buo], Busoa [bup], Bunabun [buq], Bura-Pabir [bur], Bokobaru [bus], Bungain [but], Budu [buu], Bun [buv], Bubi [buw], Boghom [bux], Bullom So [buy], Buka-Khwe [buz], Barein [bva], Bube [bvb], Berau Malay [bve], Belanda Viri [bvi], Bukat [bvk], Bolivian Sign Language [bvl], Buna [bvn], Bolgo [bvo], Birri [bvq], Burarra [bvr], Belgian Sign Language [bvs], Bati [bvt], Bukit Malay [bvu], Baniva [bvv], Babole [bvx], Bwatoo [bwa], Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua [bwb], Bwile [bwc], Bwaidoka [bwd], Bwe Karen [bwe], Bishuo [bwh], Laa Laa Bwamu [bwj], Bauwaki [bwk], Bwela [bwl], Biwat [bwm], Wunai Bunu [bwn], Boro [bwo], Southern Bobo Madaré [bwq], Barawa [bwr], Bomboma [bws], Bafaw-Balong [bwt], Buli [bwu], Bahau River Kenyah [bwv], Bwa [bww], Bu-Nao Bunu [bwx], Twi~ Bwamu [bwy], Bwisi [bwz], Bauro [bxa], Belanda Bor [bxb], Bedia [bxd], Birale [bxe], Bilur [bxf], Bangala [bxg], Buhutu [bxh], Biladaba [bxi], Bayungu [bxj], Bashkir [bxk], Blé [bxl], Mongolia Buriat [bxm], Burduna [bxn], Barikanchi [bxo], Bebil [bxp], Bele [bxq], Purik [bxr], Busam [bxs], Buxinhua [bxt], China Buriat [bxu], Berakou [bxv], Banka [bxw], Borna [bxx], Bongos [bxy], Binahari [bxz], Bikya [byb], Ubaghara [byc], Benyadu' [byd], Pouye [bye], Bete [byf], Baygo [byg], Buyu [byi], Bina [byj], Bidyara [bym], Bilen [byn], Biyo [byo], Bumaji [byp], Basay [byq], Baruya [byr], Burak [bys], Berti [byt], Buyang [byu], Medumba [byv], Belhariya [byw], Qaqet [byx], Buya [byy], Banaro [byz], Andio [bzb], Bali [bzc], Bribri [bzd], Sorogama Boso [bze], Boikin [bzf], Babuza [bzg], Mapos Buang [bzh], Belize Creole English [bzi], Bolano [bzl], Bolondo [bzm], Boano [bzn], Bozaba [bzo], Kemberano [bzp], Buli [bzq], Biri [bzr], Brazilian Sign Language [bzs], Burmeso [bzu], Bebe [bzv], Rubasa [bzw], Hainyaxo Boso [bzx], Obanliku [bzy], Evand [bzz], Chortí [caa], Garífuna [cab], San Sebastián Coatán Chuj [cac], Caddo [cad], Lehar [cae], Southern Carrier [caf], Chulupí [cag], Chulupi [cag], Cahuarano [cah], Island Carib [cai], Chané [caj], Central Cakchiquel [cak], Carolinian [cal], Cemuhî [cam], Chambri [can], Chácobo [cao], Chipaya [cap], Car Nicobarese [caq], Carrier [car], Tsimané [cas], Cayubaba [cat], Caluyanun [cau], Cavineña [cav], Callawalla [caw], Chiquitano [cax], Cayuga [cay], Canichana [caz], Cabiyarí [cbb], Carapana [cbc], Carijona [cbd], Chipiajes [cbe], Chibcha [cbf], Chimila [cbg], Cagua [cbh], Chachi [cbi], Cabe [cbj], Chavacano [cbk], Yepocapa Southwestern Cakchiquel [cbm], Nyahkur [cbn], Izora [cbo], Cashibo-Cacataibo [cbr], Cashinahua [cbs], Chayahuita [cbt], Candoshi-Shapra [cbu], Cacua [cbv], Carabayo [cby], Chamicuro [ccc], Cafundo Creole [ccd], Chopi [cce], Samba Daka [ccg], Atsam [cch], Kasanga [ccj], Cutchi-Swahili [ccl], Malaccan Creole Malay [ccm], Cho Chin [ccn], Comaltepec Chinanteco [cco], Chakma [ccp], Chaungtha [ccq], Cacaopera [ccr], Choctaw [cct], Northern Zhuang [ccx], Southern Zhuang [ccy], Choni [cda], Chenchu [cde], Chiru [cdf], Chamari [cdg], Chambeali [cdh], Chodri [cdi], Churahi [cdj], Chepang [cdm], Chaudangsi [cdn], Min Dong Chinese [cdo], Chadian Sign Language [cds], Lower Chehalis [cea], Cebuano [ceb], Chamacoco [ceg], Cenka [cen], Cherokee [cer], Dijim [cfa], Cara [cfd], Como Karim [cfg], Min Nan Chinese [cfr], Changriwa [cga], Kagayanen [cgc], Jingpho [cgp], Chagatai [cgt], Chala [cha], Catawba [chc], Highland Chontal of Oaxaca [chd], Chetco [che], Chontal of Tabasco [chf], Chiga [chg], Chinook [chh], Chilcotin [chi], Ojitlán Chinanteco [chj], Cahuilla [chl], Chitimacha [chm], Mandarin Chinese [chn], Chaura [cho], Miship [chp], Quiotepec Chinanteco [chq], Chrau [chr], Chumash [chs], Cholon [cht], Chulym [chu], Valle Nacional Chinanteco [chv], Chwabo [chw], Chantel [chx], Cheyenne [chy], Ozumacín Chinanteco [chz], Cia-Cia [cia], Ci-Gbe [cib], Chickasaw [cic], Chitkuli Kinnauri [cik], Cimbrian [cim], Cinta Larga [cin], Chiapaneco [cip], Tiri [cir], Western Cham [cja], Chechen [cjc], Chamorro [cjd], Chru [cje], Upper Chehalis [cjh], Chamalal [cji], Chokwe [cjk], Eastern Cham [cjm], Chenapian [cjn], Pajonal Ashéninca Campa [cjo], Cabécar [cjp], Chorotega [cjr], Shor [cjs], Chuvash [cju], Chuave [cjv], Jinyu Chinese [cjy], Khumi Awa Chin [cka], Chik-Barik [ckb], Northern Cakchiquel [ckc], South Central Cakchiquel [ckd], Eastern Cakchiquel [cke], Southern Cakchiquel [ckf], Kwavi [ckg], Chak [ckh], Santa María de Jesús Cakchiquel [cki], Santo Domingo Xenacoj Cakchiquel [ckj], Cibak [ckl], Khumi Chin [ckm], Kalanke [ckn], Anufo [cko], Kajakse [ckq], Kairak [ckr], Tayo [cks], Chukot [ckt], Koasati [cku], Kavalan [ckv], Western Cakchiquel [ckw], Caka [ckx], Ron [cla], Chaldean Neo-Aramaic [cld], Lealao Chinanteco [cle], Chilisso [clh], Chakali [cli], Chulikata [clk], Clallam [clm], Catalan-Valencian-Balear [cln], Lowland Chontal of Oaxaca [clo], Lachao-Yolotepec Chatino [cly], Maa [cma], Emberá-Chamí [cmi], Campalagian [cml], Changthang [cna], Chinbon Chin [cnb], Northern Qiang [cng], Haka Chin [cnh], Asháninca Campa [cni], Lalana Chinanteco [cnl], San Mateo Ixtatán Chuj [cnm], Con [cno], Tepetotutla Chinanteco [cnt], Ngawn Chin [cnw], Cocos Islands Malay [coa], Chicomuceltec [cob], Cocopa [coc], Cocama-Cocamilla [cod], Koreguaje [coe], Colorado [cof], Chong [cog], Chonyi [coh], Corsican [coi], Cochimí [coj], Santa Teresa Cora [cok], Columbia-Wenatchi [col], Comanche [com], Cofán [con], Comox [coo], Coptic [cop], Coquille [coq], Cora [cor], Coos [cos], Caquinte [cot], Wamei [cou], Cao Miao [cov], Cowlitz [cow], Cogapacori [cox], Coyaima [coy], Chochoteco [coz], Palantla Chinanteco [cpa], Ucayali-Yurua Ashéninca Campa [cpb], Apurucayali Ashéninca Campa [cpc], Chinese Pidgin English [cpe], Perené Ashéninca Campa [cpp], Capiznon [cps], Pichis Ashéninca Campa [cpu], Chipewyan [cpw], Pu-Xian Chinese [cpx], Chara [cra], Kalihna [crb], Lonwolwol [crc], Coeur D'alene [crd], Inland Eastern Cree [cre], Mitchif [crg], Crimean Turkish [crh], Gulf of Guinea Crioulo [cri], Muskogee [crk], Coastal Eastern Cree [crl], Central Cree [crm], Cornish [crn], Crow [cro], Western Cree [crp], Iyo'wujwa Chorote [crq], Chero [crr], Seselwa [crs], Iyojwa'ja Chorote [crt], Carútana [cru], Chinook Wawa [crw], Chiltepec Chinanteco [csa], Kashubian [csb], Catalonian Sign Language [csc], Canadian Sign Language [csd], Czech Sign Language [cse], Chilean Sign Language [csg], Asho Chin [csh], Coast Miwok [csi], Jola-Kasa [csk], Chinese Sign Language [csl], Central Sierra Miwok [csm], Colombian Sign Language [csn], Sochiapan Chinanteco [cso], Costa Rican Sign Language [csr], Siyin Chin [csy], Tataltepec Chatino [cta], Tedim Chin [ctd], Tepinapa Chinanteco [cte], Chhathar [cth], Tila Chol [cti], Tlacoatzintepec Chinanteco [ctl], Chhintang [ctn], Catío [cto], Emberá-Catío [cto], West Highland Chatino [ctp], Northern Catanduanes Bicolano [cts], Tumbalá Chol [ctu], Zacatepec Chatino [ctz], Cua [cua], Cubeo [cub], Yaitepec Chatino [cuc], Cung [cug], Chuka [cuh], Cuiba [cui], Mashco Piro [cuj], San Blas Kuna [cuk], Culina [cul], Cumeral [cum], Cunén Quiché [cun], Cupeño [cup], Cun [cuq], Chhulung [cur], Usila Chinanteco [cus], Teutila Cuicateco [cut], Tai Ya [cuu], Cuvok [cuv], Chukwa [cuw], Tepeuxila Cuicateco [cux], Kabwa [cwa], Kwere [cwe], Chewong [cwg], Kwatay [cwt], Nopala Chatino [cya], Cuyonon [cyo], Czech [czc], Zenzontepec Chatino [cze], Huizhou Chinese [czh], Knaanic [czk], Min Zhong Chinese [czo], Zotung Chin [czt], Dangaléat [daa], Daba [dab], Dambi [dac], Dami [dad], Duupa [dae], Dan [daf], Dagbani [dag], Gwahatike [dah], Day [dai], Dar Fur Daju [daj], Daza [dak], Dahalo [dal], Daffo-Batura [dam], Dení [dan], Daai Chin [dao], Nisi [dap], Dandami Maria [daq], Dargwa [dar], Daho-Doo [das], Darang Deng [dat], Dar Sila Daju [dau], Taita [dav], Davawenyo [daw], Dayi [dax], Darkhat [day], Dao [daz], Dabra [dba], Deno [dbb], Dadiya [dbd], Dabe [dbe], Edopi [dbf], Doka [dbi], Ida'an [dbj], Dyirbal [dbl], Duguri [dbm], Duriankere [dbn], Dulbu [dbo], Duwai [dbp], Dabarre [dbr], Dungu [dbv], Deccan [dcc], Dutch Creole [dcr], Dongotono [ddd], Fataluku [ddg], Diodio [ddi], Jaru [ddj], Dido [ddo], Dawera-Daweloor [ddw], Dengalu [dea], Dagik [dec], Dedua [ded], Dewoin [dee], Degema [deg], Dehwari [deh], Demisa [dei], Dek [dek], Unami [del], Dem [dem], Dendi [den], Dendi [deq], Deori [der], Desano [des], Deti-Khwe [det], Dehu [deu], Domung [dev], Dengese [dez], Southern Dagaari [dga], Dogrib [dgb], Casiguran Dumagat Agta [dgc], Dagaari Dioula [dgd], Degenan [dge], Doga [dgg], Dghwede [dgh], Northern Dagara [dgi], Dagba [dgk], Degaru [dgr], Dogoso [dgs], Daga [dgz], Dhanwar [dha], Dakota [dhg], Dhimal [dhi], Dhalandji [dhl], Zemba [dhm], Dhanki [dhn], Dhodia [dho], Dhargari [dhr], Dhurga [dhu], Dhanwar [dhw], Dia [dia], South Central Dinka [dib], Lakota Dida [dic], Didinga [did], Ega [die], Dieri [dif], Digo [dig], Kumiái [dih], Dimbong [dii], Dai [dij], Southwestern Dinka [dik], Dilling [dil], Dime [dim], Southeastern Dinka [din], Northeastern Dinka [dip], Dirim [dir], Dimasa [dis], Dirari [dit], Diriku [diu], Disa [div], Northwestern Dinka [diw], Dixon Reef [dix], Ding [diz], Djinba [djb], Dar Daju Daju [djc], Djamindjung [djd], Zarma [dje], Djangun [djf], Djinang [dji], Djeebbana [djj], Aukaans [djk], Djiwarli [djl], Djauan [djn], Djongkang [djo], Djambarrpuyngu [djr], Kapriman [dju], Djawi [djw], Dakka [dkk], Kuijau [dkr], Dolgan [dlg], Dal [dll], Dalmatian [dlm], Darlong [dln], Duma [dma], Dimir [dmc], Dugwor [dme], Upper Kinabatangan [dmg], Domaaki [dmk], Dameli [dml], Dama [dmm], Kemezung [dmo], Dampal [dmp], East Damar [dmr], Dampelasa [dms], Dubu [dmu], Dumpas [dmv], Demta [dmy], Upper Grand Valley Dani [dna], Daonda [dnd], Ndendeule [dne], Dungan [dng], Lower Grand Valley Dani [dni], Dzùùngoo [dnn], Danaru [dnr], Danish [dns], Mid Grand Valley Dani [dnt], Danau [dnu], Western Dani [dnw], Dom [doa], Dobu [dob], Northern Dong [doc], Doondo [dod], Doe [doe], Domu [dof], Dogon [dog], Dong [doh], Moikodi [doi], Dogri-Kangri [doj], Dondo [dok], Lesser Antillean Creole French [dom], Doura [don], Dongo [doo], Lukpa [dop], Dori'o [dor], Doghosié [dos], Dass [dot], Duala [dou], Doyayo [dow], Bussa [dox], Dorze [doz], Papar [dpp], Southeast Pashayi [dra], Dair [drb], Darmiya [drd], Dolpo [dre], Rungus [drg], Lela [dri], Darling [drl], West Damar [drn], Daro-Matu [dro], Dororo [drr], Gedeo [drs], Rukai [dru], Darwazi [drw], Darai [dry], Dutch Sign Language [dse], Daasanech [dsh], Danish Sign Language [dsl], Dusner [dsn], Tadaksahak [dsq], Daur [dta], Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan [dtb], Central Dusun [dtp], Lotud [dtr], Duau [dua], Dubla [dub], Duna [duc], Dukanci [dud], Umiray Dumaget Agta [due], Dumbea [duf], Duruma [dug], Duwinna [duh], Dumun [dui], Dhuwal [duj], Duduela [duk], Alabat Island Agta [dul], Gonja [dum], Dusun Deyah [dun], Dupaninan Agta [duo], Duano' [dup], Dusun Malang [duq], Dii [dur], Dumi [dus], Dutch [dut], Drung [duu], Duvle [duv], Dusun Witu [duw], Duungo [dux], Dicamay Agta [duy], Duli [duz], Diri [dwa], Dawawa [dww], Dyan [dya], Dyaberdyaber [dyb], Dyugun [dyd], Villaviciosa Agta [dyg], Djimini Senoufo [dyi], Land Dayak [dyk], Dyangadi [dyn], Jola-Fogny [dyo], Jula [dyu], Dyaabugay [dyy], Duguza [dza], Daza [dzd], Dzhidi [dzh], Dzorgai Qiang [dzi], Dzalakha [dzl], Dzando [dzn], Dzongkha [dzo], Ebughu [ebg], Ebrié [ebr], Embu [ebu], Ecuadorian Sign Language [ecs], Edo [edo], E [eee], Efai [efa], Efe [efe], Efik [efk], Eggon [ego], Eipomek [eip], Eitiep [eit], Eivo [eiv], Ejamat [eja], Ekajuk [eka], Ekit [eke], Ekari [ekg], Elip [ekm], Koti [eko], Ekpeye [ekp], Ekpari [ekr], Eastern Kayah [eky], Elepi [ele], El Hugeirat [elh], Nding [eli], Elkei [elk], Tuvaluan [ell], Eleme [elm], Elun [eln], El Molo [elo], Elpaputih [elp], Elu [elu], Emai-Iuleha-Ora [ema], Embaloh [emb], Emerillon [eme], Eastern Meohang [emg], Mussau-Emira [emi], Emiliano-Romagnolo [eml], Eman [emn], Emok [emo], Northern Emberá [emp], Pacific Gulf Yupik [ems], Eastern Muria [emu], Emplawas [emw], Apali [ena], Endo [enb], Ende [end], Enets [ene], English [eng], Enim [eni], Engenni [enn], Enggano [eno], Enga [enq], Emumu [enr], Beti [eot], Epie [epi], Sie [erg], Eruwa [erh], Ogea [eri], South Efate [erk], Ergong [ero], Erre [err], Ersu [ers], Erokwanas [erw], Eastern Canadian Inuktitut [esb], Western Canadian Inuktitut [esc], Ese Ejja [ese], Greenlandic Inuktitut [esg], Eshtehardi [esh], North Alaskan Inuktitut [esi], Northwest Alaska Inupiat Inuktitut [esk], Eskimo Sign Language [esl], Esuma [esm], El Salvadoran Sign Language [esn], Central Siberian Yupik [ess], Estonian [est], Central Yupik [esu], Etebi [etb], Ethiopian Sign Language [eth], Eton [etn], Eton [eto], Edolo [etr], Yekhee [ets], Ejagham [etu], Semimi [etz], Even [eve], Uvbie [evh], Evenki [evn], Éwé [ewe], Ewondo [ewo], Extremaduran [ext], Eyak [eya], Uzekwe [eze], Fasu [faa], Fars [fac], Wagi [fad], Faroese [fae], Fagani [faf], Finungwa [fag], Fali of Baissa [fah], Faiwol [fai], South Fali [fal], Fam [fam], Fania [fan], Fanagolo [fao], Palor [fap], Fataleka [far], Fas [fas], Faita [fat], Fayu [fau], Fala [fax], French Canadian Sign Language [fcs], Feroge [fer], Fongoro [fgr], Nobiin [fia], Fyer [fie], Finnish [fin], Fipa [fip], Firan [fir], Fiwaga [fiw], Izere [fiz], Foya [fja], Fijian [fji], Flathead-Kalispel [fla], Vin [fle], Foau [flh], Bana [fli], North Fali [fll], Flinders Island [fln], Fuliiru [flr], Fly Taal [fly], Fe'fe' [fmp], Far Western Muria [fmu], Fang [fng], Fon-Gbe [foa], Foodo [fod], Foi [foi], Foma [fom], Fore [for], Siraiya [fos], Franco-Provençal [fra], Cajun French [frc], Fordata [frd], French Guianese [fre], Western Frisian [fri], Frankish [frk], Friulian [frl], French [frn], Forak [fro], Northern Frisian [frr], Eastern Frisian [frs], Fortsenal [frt], Mairasi [fry], Finnish Sign Language [fse], French Sign Language [fsl], Adamawa Fulfulde [fub], Pulaar Fulfulde [fuc], East Futuna [fud], Benin-Togo Fulfulde [fue], Fuuta Jalon [fuf], Fungom [fug], Gourmantche Fulfulde [fuh], Bagirmi Fulfulde [fui], Ko [fuj], Maasina Fulfulde [ful], Jelgoore Fulfulde [fum], Fulniô [fun], Barani Fulfulde [fup], Sokoto Fulfulde [fuq], Fur [fur], Futuna-Aniwa [fut], Furu [fuu], Kano-Katsina-Bororo Fulfulde [fuv], Kano-Katsina-Bororro Fulfulde [fuv], Fuyug [fuy], Fwâi [fwa], Fwe [fwe], Ga'anda [gaa], Gabri [gab], Ga-Adangme-Krobo [gac], Gaddang [gad], Guarequena [gae], Gende [gaf], Gagauz [gag], Alekano [gah], Borei [gai], Gadsup [gaj], Gamkonora [gak], Galoli [gal], Kandawo [gam], Aten [gan], Gants [gao], Gal [gap], Gata' [gaq], Galeya [gar], Adiwasi Girasia [gas], Kenati [gat], Gabutamon [gav], Nobanob [gaw], Borana [gax], Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo [gax], Pará Gavião [gay], West-Central Oromo [gaz], Bandi [gba], Gaididj [gbb], Garawa [gbc], Karadjeri [gbd], Niksek [gbe], Gaikundi [gbf], Gbanziri [gbg], Galong [gbh], Galela [gbi], Gadaba [gbj], Gaddi [gbk], Gamit [gbl], Garhwali [gbm], Mo'da [gbn], Gawari [gbo], Gbaya-Bossangoa [gbp], Gbaya-Bozoum [gbq], Gbagyi [gbr], Gagadu [gbu], Gbanu [gbv], Kpatogo [gbw], Gbari [gby], Gabri [gbz], Mali [gcc], Ganggalida [gcd], Galice [gce], Gaina [gcn], Colonia Tovar German [gct], Gade Lohar [gda], Gadaba [gdb], Gugu Badhun [gdc], Gedaged [gdd], Gude [gde], Guduf [gdf], Ga'dang [gdg], Gadjerawang [gdh], Gundi [gdi], Gurdjar [gdj], Gadang [gdk], Dirasha [gdl], Laal [gdm], Umanakaina [gdn], Ghodoberi [gdo], Gidra [gdr], Gudu [gdu], Gaduwa [gdw], Geruma [gea], Kire [geb], Gboloo Grebo [gec], Gade [ged], Geez [gee], Fopo-Bua Grebo [gef], Gengle [geg], Hutterite German [geh], Gebe [gei], Gen-Gbe [gej], Yiwom [gek], Puku-Geeri-Keri-Wipsi [gel], Geman Deng [gen], Georgian [geo], Low German [gep], Geme [geq], Standard German [ger], Geser-Gorom [ges], Getmata [get], Glebo Grebo [geu], Gera [gew], Garre [gex], Enya [gey], Geji [gez], Patpatar [gfk], Gafat [gft], Gao [gga], Gbii [ggb], Gugadj [ggd], Guragone [gge], Garreh-Ajuran [ggh], Kungarakany [ggk], Ganglau [ggl], Eastern Gurung [ggn], Southern Gondi [ggo], Aghu Tharnggalu [ggr], Gagu [ggu], Ghadamès [gha], Southern Ghale [ghe], Northern Ghale [ghh], Geko Karen [ghk], Ghulfan [ghl], Ghanongga [ghn], Ghomara [gho], Guhu-Samane [ghs], Kutang Ghale [ght], Kitja [gia], Gibanawa [gib], Gidar [gid], Gitua [gil], Gimi [gim], Hinukh [gin], Gimi [gip], North Giziga [gis], Gilima [gix], Giyug [giy], South Giziga [giz], Kachi Koli [gjk], Gujarati [gjr], Gujari [gju], Guiarak [gka], Ndai [gke], Gokana [gkn], Ancient Greek [gko], Guinea Kpelle [gkp], Dhangu [gla], Kiribati [glb], Bon Gula [glc], Nanai [gld], Gule [gle], Guliguli [glg], Northwest Pashayi [glh], Irish Gaelic [gli], Gula Iro [glj], Gilaki [glk], Galician [gln], Galambu [glo], Glaro-Twabo [glr], Scots Gaelic [gls], Gula [glu], Glavda [glv], Gambera [gma], Gula'alaa [gmb], Mághdì [gmd], Gamo-Gofa-Dawro [gmo], Gumalu [gmu], Kaanse [gna], Gangte [gnb], Guanche [gnc], Gemzek [gnd], Ganáde [gne], Gungabula [gnf], Ngangam [gng], Gana [gnh], Gooniyandi [gni], Gana-Khwe [gnk], Gangulu [gnl], Ginuman [gnm], Gumatj [gnn], Gana [gnq], Gureng Gureng [gnr], Guntai [gnt], Gnau [gnu], Western Bolivian Guaraní [gnw], Gani-Khwe [gnx], Ganzi [gnz], Guro [goa], Playero [gob], Gorakor [goc], Godié [god], Gothic [gof], Gogo [gog], Gogodala [goh], Gobasi [goi], Gowlan [goj], Gowli [gok], Gola [gol], Goanese Konkani [gom], Northern Gondi [gon], Gone Dau [goo], Yeretuar [gop], Gorap [goq], Gharti [gor], Cerma [got], Gavar [gou], Gorowa [gow], Gubu [gox], Goundo [goy], Gozarkhani [goz], Taiap [gpn], Guiqiong [gqi], Rajput Girasia [gra], E Je Grebo [grb], Gurmana [grc], Guruntum-Mbaaru [grd], East Gurage [gre], Seaside Grebo [grf], Gira [grg], Gbiri-Niragu [grh], Ghari [gri], Jabo Grebo [grj], Greek [grk], Gorontalo [grl], Kota Marudu Talantang [grm], Plautdietsch [grn], Groma [gro], Northeastern Grebo [grp], Gorovu [grq], Taznatit [grr], Gresi [grs], Garo [grt], North Gurage [gru], Globo Grebo [grv], Garuwahi [grw], Guriaso [grx], Barclayville Grebo [gry], Guramalum [grz], Gasmata [gsa], Gascon [gsc], Aranese Gascon [gsc], Ghanaian Sign Language [gse], German Sign Language [gsg], Gusilay [gsl], Guatemalan Sign Language [gsm], Gusan [gsn], Wasembo [gsp], Greek Sign Language [gss], Allemannisch [gsw], Alsatian [gsw], Schwyzerdütsch [gsw], Guató [gta], Gbati-Ri [gti], Gobato [gto], Shiki [gua], Guajajára [gub], Wayuu [guc], Yocoboué Dida [gud], Gurinji [gue], Gupapuyngu [guf], Paraguayan Guaraní [gug], Guahibo [guh], Chiriguano [gui], Guajá [guj], Gumuz [guk], Sea Islands Creole English [gul], Guambiano [gum], Mbyá Guaraní [gun], Guayabero [guo], Gunwinggu [gup], Aché [guq], Gurenne [gur], Maléku Jaíka [gut], Yanomamö [guu], Gey [guv], Gun-Gbe [guw], Gourmanchéma [gux], West Gurage [guy], Gusii [guz], Guana [gva], Guanano [gvc], Duwet [gve], Golin [gvf], Gulay [gvl], Kuku-Yalanji [gvn], Gavião do Jiparaná [gvo], Gurung [gvr], Gumawana [gvs], Mbato [gwa], Gwa [gwb], Kalami [gwc], Gawwada [gwd], Gweno [gwe], Gowro [gwf], Gwomu [gwg], Gwi-Khwe [gwj], Gwandara [gwn], Gwere [gwr], Gawar-Bati [gwt], Guwamu [gwu], Kwini [gww], Central Guéré [gxx], Northwest Gbaya [gya], Garus [gyb], Gayardilt [gyd], Gyem [gye], Gbayi [gyg], Gyele [gyi], Guaymí [gym], Guyanese [gyn], Gayo [gyo], Guarayu [gyr], Gunya [gyy], Ganza [gza], Gazi [gzi], Gane [gzn], Gabake-Ntshori [gzz], Han [haa], Hawrami [hac], Hatam [had], Qotu Oromo [hae], Hanga [hag], Hahon [hah], Haida [hai], Hajong [haj], Hakka Chinese [hak], Halang [hal], Hewa [ham], Hangaza [han], Hakö [hao], Hupla [hap], Ha [haq], Harari [har], Haisla [has], Haitian Creole French [hat], Southeastern Huasteco [hau], Havu [hav], Hawai'i Creole English [haw], Haya [hay], Hazaragi [haz], Hamba [hba], Falam Chin [hbh], Ancient Hebrew [hbo], Hebrew [hbr], Habu [hbu], Huichol [hch], Hadiyya [hdy], Northern Qiandong Hmong [hea], Heiban [heb], Herdé [hed], Helong [heg], Hehe [heh], Heiltsuk [hei], Herki [hek], Hemba [hem], Herero [her], Hai//om [hgm], Kerak [hhr], Lamang [hia], Hibito [hib], Hidatsa [hid], Hiechware [hie], Fijian Hindi [hif], Kamwe [hig], Hinihon [hih], Hijuk [hij], Seit-Kaitetu [hik], Hiligaynon [hil], Hima [him], Southern Hindko [hin], Hiotshuwau [hio], Himarimã [hir], Hitu [hit], Hiw [hiw], Hixkaryána [hix], Kahe [hka], Hunde [hke], Halia [hla], Halbi [hlb], Halang Doan [hld], Haló Té Sú [hlo], Southern Mashan Hmong [hma], Central Huishui Hmong [hmc], Northeastern Dian Hmong [hmd], Eastern Huishui Hmong [hme], Southwestern Guiyang Hmong [hmg], Southwestern Huishui Hmong [hmh], Chonganjiang Hmong [hmj], Luopohe Hmong [hml], Central Mashan Hmong [hmm], Northern Huishui Hmong [hmn], Northern Mashan Hmong [hmo], Eastern Qiandong Hmong [hmq], Hmar [hmr], Southern Qiandong Hmong [hms], Hamtai [hmt], Western Mashan Hmong [hmw], Southern Guiyang Hmong [hmy], Mina [hna], Hindi [hnd], Chhattisgarhi [hne], Hungarian [hng], Handá [hnh], Hani [hni], Hanunoo [hnn], Northern Hindko [hno], Caribbean Hindi [hns], Hung [hnu], Hoava [hoa], Mari [hob], Ho [hoc], Horom [hoe], Hobyot [hoh], Holikachuk [hoi], Harauti [hoj], Holu [hol], Homa [hom], Hoanya [hon], Holoholo [hoo], Hopi [hop], Hote [hot], Hovongan [hov], Honi [how], Holiya [hoy], Hozo [hoz], Hpon [hpo], Hawai'i Pidgin Sign [hps], Hrangkhol [hra], Hre [hre], Haruku [hrk], Haroi [hro], Horpa [hrp], Horuru [hrr], Hértevin [hrt], Harzani [hrz], Hsifan [hsi], Xiang Chinese [hsn], Harsusi [hss], Hoti [hti], Mi ni ca Huitoto [hto], Hatsa [hts], Hausa [hua], Huambisa [hub], =Hua [huc], Huaulu [hud], San Francisco del Mar Huave [hue], Humene [huf], Huachipaeri [hug], Huilliche [huh], Huli [hui], Northern Guiyang Hmong [huj], Hulung [huk], Hula [hul], Hungana [hum], Hu [huo], Hupa [hup], Tsat [huq], Halkomelem [hur], Veracruz Huasteco [hus], Humla Bhotia [hut], Murui Huitoto [huu], San Mateo del Mar Huave [huv], Hukumina [huw], Ni pode Huitoto [hux], Hulaulá [huy], Hunzib [huz], San Luis Potosí Huasteco [hva], San Dionisio del Mar Huave [hve], Sabu [hvn], Santa María del Mar Huave [hvv], Wané [hwa], Hwé [hwe], Hawaiian [hwi], Hwla [hwl], Hwana [hwo], Hya [hya], Iaai [iai], Iatmul [ian], Iapama [iap], Purari [iar], Iban [iba], Ibibio [ibb], Iwaidja [ibd], Akpes [ibe], Ibanag [ibg], Ibaloi [ibl], Agoi [ibm], Ibino [ibn], Ibuoro [ibr], Ibu [ibu], Ibani [iby], Ica [ica], Icelandic [ice], Icen [ich], Icelandic Sign Language [icl], Idakho-Isukha-Tiriki [ida], Indo-Portuguese [idb], Idon [idc], Idaca [idd], Idere [ide], Idi [idi], Idoma [ido], Indri [idr], Idate [idt], Amganad Ifugao [ifa], Batad Ifugao [ifb], Ifè [ife], Ifo [iff], Tuwali Ifugao [ifk], South Central Teke [ifm], Mayoyao Ifugao [ifu], Keley-I Kallahan [ify], Ebira [igb], Igede [ige], Igana [igg], Igala [igl], Igom [igm], Ignaciano [ign], Isebe [igo], Igbo [igr], Iha [ihp], Sichuan Yi [iii], Central-Western Ijo [ijc], Biseni [ije], Ije [ijj], Kalabari [ijn], Southeast Ijo [ijo], Iko [iki], Ika [ikk], Olulumo-Ikom [iko], Ikpeshi [ikp], Ikrani [ikr], Ikulu [iku], Iku-Gora-Ankwa [ikv], Ikwere [ikw], Ik [ikx], Ikizu [ikz], Ila [ilb], Ilue [ile], Ili Turki [ili], Ilongot [ilk], Ilanun [ill], Ilocano [ilo], Iliun [ilu], Talur [ilw], Imeraguen [ime], Anamgura [imi], Imonda [imn], Imbongu [imo], Imroing [imr], Iñapari [ina], Inga [inb], Blafe [ind], Degexit'an [ing], Ingush [inh], Jungle Inga [inj], Indonesian Sign Language [inl], Isinai [inn], Inoke-Yate [ino], Indian Sign Language [ins], Intha [int], Indonesian [inz], Irumu [iou], Iowa-Oto [iow], Ipili [ipi], Ipiko [ipk], Iquito [iqu], Irántxe [ira], Iresim [ire], Irarutu [irh], Irigwe [iri], Iraqw [irk], Ir [irr], Irula [iru], Kamberau [irx], Iraya [iry], Isabi [isa], Isconahua [isc], Isnag [isd], Italian Sign Language [ise], Irish Sign Language [isg], Esan [ish], Nkem-Nkum [isi], Israeli Sign Language [isl], Masimasi [ism], Isanzu [isn], Isoko [iso], Istriot [ist], Isu [isu], Binongan Itneg [itb], Itene [ite], Itogapúk [itg], Inlaod Itneg [iti], Judeo-Italian [itk], Itelmen [itl], Itu Mbon Uzo [itm], Italian [itn], Itonama [ito], Iteri [itr], Isekiri [its], Southern Itneg [itt], Itutang [itu], Itawit [itv], Ito [itw], Itik [itx], Itzá [itz], Iu Mien [ium], Ibatan [ivb], Ivatan [ivv], I-Wak [iwk], Iwam [iwm], Iwur [iwo], Sepik Iwam [iws], Ixcateco [ixc], Nebaj Ixil [ixi], Chajul Ixil [ixj], San Juan Cotzal Ixil [ixl], Iyayu [iya], Mesaka [iyo], Ingrian [izh], Izi-Ezaa-Ikwo-Mgbo [izi], Jamamadí [jaa], Ham [jab], Eastern Jacalteco [jac], Jahanka [jad], Yabem [jae], Jara [jaf], Jagannathi [jag], Jah Hut [jah], Western Jacalteco [jai], Zazao [jaj], Jakun [jak], Yalahatan [jal], Western Caribbean Creole English [jam], Javanese [jan], Yanyuwa [jao], Jaruára [jap], Yaqay [jaq], Jarawa [jar], New Caledonian Javanese [jas], Jakati [jat], Yaur [jau], Jadgali [jav], Jambi Malay [jax], Jarnango [jay], Jawe [jaz], Judeo-Berber [jbe], Arandai [jbj], Jabal Nafusah [jbn], Jabutí [jbt], Jukun Takum [jbu], Jamaican Country Sign Language [jcs], Judeo-Crimean Tatar [jct], Jerba [jea], Jebero [jeb], Jerung [jee], Jeng [jeg], Jeh [jeh], Yei [jei], Yelmek [jel], Dza [jen], Jepa-Matsi [jep], Jera [jer], Manem [jet], Jonkor Bourmataguil [jeu], Judeo-Georgian [jge], Jharia [jha], Jehai [jhi], Jina [jia], Jibu [jib], Tol [jic], Jida-Abu [jid], Jilbe [jie], Djingili [jig], Jiiddu [jii], Jiji [jij], Jilim [jil], Jimi [jim], Zinza [jin], Jiamao [jio], Eastern Jiarong [jir], Jita [jit], Youle Jinuo [jiu], Shuar [jiv], Western Jiarong [jiw], Buyuan Jinuo [jiy], Labir [jku], Jimajima [jma], Jimbin [jmb], Yamdena [jmd], Jimi [jmi], Mashi [jms], Western Juxtlahuaca Mixteco [jmx], Jangshung [jna], Yangman [jng], Janji [jni], Yemsa [jnj], Janggali [jnl], Jaunsari [jns], Joba [job], Jorá [jor], Jordanian Sign Language [jos], Jowulu [jow], Japanese [jpn], Jaqaru [jqr], Jarai [jra], Jiru [jrr], Jorto [jrt], Japrería [jru], Japanese Sign Language [jsl], Jatapu [jtp], Júma [jua], Abinsi [jub], Jurchen [juc], Jukun Wurkum [jui], Wapan [juk], Jirel [jul], Jumjum [jum], Juang [jun], Kona [juo], Hupdé [jup], Hupdë [jup], Jurúna [jur], Jutish [jut], Ju [juu], Wase [juw], Juray [juy], Caribbean Javanese [jvn], Jwira-Pepesa [jwi], Northern Jiarong [jya], Judeo-Yemeni Arabic [jye], Jaya [jyy], Kansa [kaa], Kabardian [kab], Karakalpak [kac], Kadara [kad], Ketangalan [kae], Chagga [kaf], Kajaman [kag], Kara [kah], Karekare [kai], Jju [kaj], Kayapa Kallahan [kak], Kalapuya [kal], Tsishingini [kam], Northern Kankanay [kan], Kassonke [kao], Bezhta [kap], Capanahua [kaq], Eastern Karaboro [kar], Kasem [kas], Katcha-Kadugli-Miri [kat], Kamuku [kau], Katukína [kav], Kawaiisu [kaw], Kao [kax], Kamayurá [kay], Kazakh [kaz], Kalarko [kba], Kaxuiâna [kbb], Kadiwéu [kbc], Kabixí [kbd], Kanju [kbe], Kakauhua [kbf], Kortse Qiang [kbg], Camsá [kbh], Koroboré [kbi], Kari [kbj], Grass Koiari [kbk], Kanembu [kbl], Iwal [kbm], Kare [kbn], Kaliko [kbo], Kabiyé [kbp], Kamano [kbq], Kaficho [kbr], Kande [kbs], Kabadi [kbt], Kamberataro [kbv], Kaiep [kbw], Ap Ma [kbx], Manga Kanuri [kby], Karfa [kbz], Khanty [kca], Kawacha [kcb], Lubila [kcc], Kanum [kcd], Kaivi [kce], Ukaan [kcf], Katab [kcg], Kiballo [kch], Kamantan [kci], Kobiana [kcj], Kalanga [kck], Kela [kcl], Gula [kcm], Nubi [kcn], Kinalakna [kco], Kanga [kcp], Kamo [kcq], Katla [kcr], Koenoem [kcs], Kaian [kct], Kami [kcu], Kete [kcv], Kabwari [kcw], Kachama-Ganjule [kcx], Konongo [kcz], Worimi [kda], Kurdi [kdb], Kutu [kdc], Yankuntatjara [kdd], Makonde [kde], Mamusi [kdf], Seba [kdg], Tem [kdh], Kumam [kdi], Karamojong [kdj], Numee [kdk], Tsikimba [kdl], Kagoma [kdm], Kunda [kdn], Kirghiz [kdo], Kanufi-Kaningdon-Nindem [kdp], Koch [kdq], Karaim [kdr], Lahu Shi [kds], Kuy [kdt], Kadaru [kdu], Kado [kdv], Koneraw [kdw], Kam [kdx], Keder [kdy], Kwaja [kdz], Kélé [keb], Keiga [kec], Kerebe [ked], Eastern Keres [kee], Kpessi [kef], Tese [keg], Koana [keh], Kei [kei], Kadar [kej], Kekchí [kek], Kela [kel], Kemak [kem], Kenyang [ken], Kakwa [keo], Kaikadi [kep], Kamar [keq], Kera [ker], Kugbo [kes], Ket [ket], Akebou [keu], Kanikkaran [kev], West Kewa [kew], Kukna [kex], Kupia [key], Kukele [kez], Kodagu [kfa], Northwestern Kolami [kfb], Konda-Dora [kfc], Korra Koraga [kfd], Kota [kfe], Koya [kff], Kudiya [kfg], Kurichiya [kfh], Kurumba [kfi], Kemiehua [kfj], Lower Kinnauri [kfk], Karmali [kfl], Khunsari [kfm], Koda [kfn], Kol [kfo], Korwa [kfp], Korku [kfq], Kachchi [kfr], Bilaspuri [kfs], Kanjari [kft], Katkari [kfu], Kawari [kfv], Kishanganjia [kfw], Kullu Pahari [kfx], Kumauni [kfy], Koromfé [kfz], Kishtwari [kga], Kawe [kgb], Kasseng [kgc], Kataang [kgd], Komering [kge], Kube [kgf], Kusanda [kgg], Upper Tanudan Kalinga [kgh], Kuala Lumpur Sign Language [kgi], Gamale Kham [kgj], Kaiwá [kgk], Kunggari [kgl], Karipúna [kgm], Karingani [kgn], Krongo [kgo], Kaingáng [kgp], Kamoro [kgq], Abun [kgr], Kumbainggar [kgs], Somyewe [kgt], Kombai [kgu], Karas [kgv], Karon Dori [kgw], Kamaru [kgx], Kyerung [kgy], Kalmyk-Oirat [kgz], Kuranko [kha], Lü [khb], Tukangbesi North [khc], Korowai [khe], Khuen [khf], Kham [khg], Khasi [khi], Kuturmi [khj], Halh Mongolian [khk], Lusi [khl], Kamula [khm], Khandesi [khn], Kuo [kho], Kapori [khp], Kha Tong Luang [khq], Kharia [khr], Kasua [khs], Khamti [kht], Nkhumbi [khu], Khvarshi [khv], Khowar [khw], Kanu [khx], Kele [khy], Keopara [khz], Kim [kia], Koalib [kib], Kikapoo [kic], Koskin [kid], Kibet [kie], Nisi Kham [kif], Kimaghama [kig], Kilmeri [kih], Kitsai [kii], Kilivila [kij], Kamba [kik], Kariya [kil], Karagas [kim], Ketengban [kin], Kiowa [kio], Sheshi Kham [kip], Kosadle [kiq], Huba [kir], Kis [kis], Agob [kit], Gikuyu [kiu], Kimbu [kiv], Northeast Kiwai [kiw], Kinga [kix], Kirikiri [kiy], Kisi [kiz], Kwansu [kja], Eastern Kanjobal [kjb], Coastal Konjo [kjc], Southern Kiwai [kjd], Kisar [kje], Pwo Ratchaburi Karen [kjf], Khmu [kjg], Khakas [kjh], Zabana [kji], Khinalugh [kjj], Highland Konjo [kjk], Takale Kham [kjl], Khang [kjm], Kunjen [kjn], Pwo Kanchana Buri Karen [kjp], Western Keres [kjq], Kurudu [kjr], East Kewa [kjs], Northern Pwo Karen [kjt], Kashaya [kju], Kannada [kjv], Kwandang [kjw], Keriaka [kjx], Erave [kjy], Kebumtamp [kjz], Kwerisa [kkb], Kalamo [kkc], Kinuku [kkd], Keer [kke], Gelao [kkf], Mabaka Valley Kalinga [kkg], Khün [kkh], Kagulu [kki], Kako [kkj], Kokota [kkk], Kosarek Yale [kkl], Kiong [kkm], Korean [kkn], Karko [kko], Gugubera [kkp], Kaiku [kkq], Kir-Balar [kkr], Giiwo [kks], Koi [kkt], Kitimi [kku], Kangean [kkv], Southern Teke [kkw], Kolai [kkx], Guguyimidjir [kky], Kaska [kkz], Klamath-Modoc [kla], Kiliwi [klb], Kolbila [klc], Kamilaroi [kld], Kulung [kle], Kendeje [klf], Tagakaulu Kalagan [klg], Weliki [klh], Kalumpang [kli], Khalaj [klj], Kono [klk], Kagan Kalagan [kll], Kolom [klm], Kalenjin [kln], Kapya [klo], Kamasa [klp], Rumu [klq], Khaling [klr], Kalasha [kls], Komutu [klt], Klao [klu], Maskelynes [klv], Lindu [klw], Koluawa [klx], Kalao [kly], Kabola [klz], Konni [kma], Gimnime [kmb], Southern Dong [kmc], Madukayang Kalinga [kmd], Bakole [kme], Kare [kmf], Kâte [kmg], Kalam [kmh], Kumai [kmi], Kumarbhag Paharia [kmj], Limos Kalinga [kmk], Lower Tanudan Kalinga [kml], Kom [kmm], Awtuw [kmn], Kwoma [kmo], Gimme [kmp], Kwama [kmq], Central Khmer [kmr], Kamasau [kms], Kemtuik [kmt], Kanite [kmu], Karipúna Creole French [kmv], Komo [kmw], Wabuda Kiwai [kmx], Koma [kmy], Khorasani Turkish [kmz], Dera [kna], Lubuagan Kalinga [knb], Kenuzi-Dongola [knc], Konda [knd], Kankanaey [kne], Kunyi [knf], Kulun [kng], Kayan River Kenyah [knh], Western Kanjobal [knj], Konkani [knk], Keninjal [knl], Kanamarí [knm], Gan Chinese [knn], Kono [kno], Kwanja [knp], Kintaq [knq], Kaningra [knr], Kensiu [kns], Panoan Katukína [knt], Western Kusaal [knu], Tabo [knv], Kung-Ekoka [knw], Kendayan [knx], Kanyok [kny], Kalamse [knz], Konomala [koa], Kohoroxitari [kob], Kpati [koc], Kodi [kod], Kacipo-Balesi [koe], Kubi [kof], Kogui [kog], Koyo [koh], Komi-Permyak [koi], Sara Dunjo [koj], Kombio [kok], Kol [kol], Komo [kom], Kongo [kon], Konjo [koo], Kwato [kop], Kota [koq], Begbere-Ejar [kor], Konkomba [kos], Lagwan [kot], Koke [kou], Kudu-Camo [kov], Kugama [kow], Coxima [kox], Koyukon [koy], Korak [koz], Kupto [kpa], Curripaco [kpc], Koba [kpd], Liberia Kpelle [kpe], Komba [kpf], Kapingamarangi [kpg], Yerwa Kanuri [kph], Kofei [kpi], Karajá [kpj], Kpan [kpk], Kpala [kpl], Koho [kpm], Pong 1 [kpn], Akposo [kpo], Paku Karen [kpp], Korupun-Sela [kpq], Korafe [kpr], Tehit [kps], Karata [kpt], Kafoa [kpu], Komi-Zyrian [kpv], Kobon [kpw], Mountain Koiali [kpx], Koryak [kpy], Kupsabiny [kpz], Mum [kqa], Kovai [kqb], Doromu [kqc], Koi-Sanjaq Sooret [kqd], Kalagan [kqe], Kakabai [kqf], Khe [kqg], Kisankasa [kqh], Koitabu [kqi], Koromira [kqj], Ko-Gbe [kqk], Kyenele [kql], Khisa [kqm], Kaonde [kqn], Eastern Krahn [kqo], Kimré [kqp], Krenak [kqq], Kimaragang [kqr], Northern Kissi [kqs], Klias River Kadazan [kqt], Seroa [kqu], Okolod [kqv], Kandas [kqw], Mser [kqx], Koorete [kqy], Korana [kqz], Kumhali [kra], Karachay-Balkar [krc], Kairui-Midiki [krd], Kreen-Akarore [kre], Koro [krf], Kurama [krh], Krio [kri], Kinaray-A [krj], Kerek [krk], Karelian [krl], Krim [krm], Sapo [krn], Krisa [kro], Korop [krp], Krui [krq], Kru'ng 2 [krr], Kresh [krs], Tajuasohn [kru], Kravet [krv], Western Krahn [krw], Karon [krx], Kryts [kry], Kuzamani [ksa], Shambala [ksb], Southern Kalinga [ksc], Kuanua [ksd], Kuni [kse], Bafia [ksf], Kusaghe [ksg], Kashmiri [ksh], Kosraean [ksi], Kwale [ksj], Kumyk [ksk], Kumalu [ksl], Kumba [ksm], Kasiguranin [ksn], Kossee [kso], Kaba [ksp], Kwaami [ksq], Kosorong [ksr], Southern Kisi [kss], Kõ [kst], Khamyang [ksu], Kusu [ksv], S'gaw Karen [ksw], Kedang [ksx], Kharia Thar [ksy], Koraku [ksz], Katua [kta], Kambaata [ktb], Kokata [ktd], Nubri [kte], Kwami [ktf], Kalkutung [ktg], Karanga [kth], Northern Muyu [kti], Plapo Krumen [ktj], Kaniet [ktk], Koroshi [ktl], Kurti [ktm], Karitiâna [ktn], Kuot [kto], Kaduo [ktp], Katabaga [ktq], Kota Marudu Tinagas [ktr], Southern Muyu [kts], Kantu [ktt], Kituba [ktu], Katu [ktv], Kato [ktw], Kaxararí [ktx], Kango [kty], Kung-Tsumkwe [ktz], Border Kuna [kua], Kutep [kub], Gwich'in [kuc], 'Auhelawa [kud], Kuman [kue], Kuka [kuf], Kushi [kuh], Kuikúro-Kalapálo [kui], Kuria [kuj], Kepo' [kuk], Kulere [kul], Kunama [kum], Kutenai [kun], Kumukio [kuo], Kunimaipa [kup], Karipuná [kuq], Kurmanji [kur], Eastern Kusaal [kus], Peere [kut], Upper Kuskokwim [kuu], Kur [kuv], Kpagua [kuw], Kukatja [kux], Kwanyama [kuy], Kunza [kuz], Bagvalal [kva], Kubu [kvb], Kove [kvc], Kui [kvd], Kalabakan [kve], Kabalai [kvf], Boazi [kvg], Komodo [kvh], Kwang [kvi], Psikye [kvj], Korean Sign Language [kvk], Brek Karen [kvl], Kendem [kvm], Kurux [kvn], Dobel [kvo], Kompane [kvp], Geba Karen [kvq], Kerinci [kvr], Kunggara [kvs], Lahta Karen [kvt], Yinbaw Karen [kvu], Kola [kvv], Kolana [kvw], Parkari Koli [kvx], Yintale Karen [kvy], Kotogüt [kvz], Kamã [kwa], Ba [kwb], Likwala [kwc], Kwaio [kwd], Kwerba [kwe], Kwara'ae [kwf], Kaba Deme [kwg], Kowiai [kwh], Cuaiquer [kwi], Kwakiutl [kwk], Kofyar [kwl], Kwambi [kwm], Kwangali [kwn], Kwomtari [kwo], Kodia [kwp], Kwe-Etshori [kwq], Kwese [kws], Kwesten [kwt], Kwakum [kwu], Kaba Na [kwv], Kwinti [kww], Khirwar [kwx], San Salvador Kongo [kwy], Kwadi [kwz], Kairiru [kxa], Krobu [kxb], Komso [kxc], Brunei [kxd], Kakihum [kxe], Manumanaw Karen [kxf], Katingan [kxg], Karo [kxh], Keningau Murut [kxi], Kulfa [kxj], Zayein Karen [kxk], Nepali Kurux [kxl], Northern Khmer [kxm], Kanowit [kxn], Kanoé [kxo], Wadiyara Koli [kxp], Tharadari Koli [kxq], Koro [kxr], Koch [kxs], Koiwat [kxt], Kui [kxu], Kuvi [kxv], Konai [kxw], Likuba [kxx], Kayong [kxy], Kerewo [kxz], Kwaya [kya], Butbut Kalinga [kyb], Kyaka [kyc], Karey [kyd], Krache [kye], Kouya [kyf], Keyagana [kyg], Karok [kyh], Kiput [kyi], Karao [kyj], Kamayo [kyk], Kabyle [kyl], Kpatili [kym], Karolanos [kyn], Kelon [kyo], Kang [kyp], Kenga [kyq], Kuruáya [kyr], Baram Kayan [kys], Kaygir [kyt], Western Kayah [kyu], Kayort [kyv], Kauwol [kyw], Kunua [kyx], Kambaira [kyy], Kayabí [kyz], Western Karaboro [kza], Kaibobo [kzb], Bondoukou Kulango [kzc], Kadai [kzd], Kosena [kze], Da'a Kaili [kzf], Kikai [kzg], Mandobo [kzh], Kelabit [kzi], Coastal Kadazan [kzj], Kazukuru [kzk], Kayeli [kzl], Kais [kzm], Kokola [kzn], Kaningi [kzo], Kaidipang [kzp], Kaike [kzq], Karang [kzr], Sugut Dusun [kzs], Tambunan Dusun [kzt], Kayupulau [kzu], Kariri-Xocó [kzw], Kamarian [kzx], Kalabra [kzz], Lapuyan Subanun [laa], Lamba [lab], Lacandón [lac], Laha [lad], Chamba Lahuli [lae], Lafofa [laf], Langi [lag], Lahu [lah], Lambya [lai], Lango [laj], Laka [lak], Lalia [lal], Laka [lam], Laru [lan], Landoma [lao], Ganda [lap], Laqua [laq], Gua [lar], Lama [las], Latvian [lat], Laba [lau], Luyana [lav], Lauje [law], Lalung [lax], Lama [lay], Aribwatsa [laz], Lui [lba], Label [lbb], Laka [lbc], Lak [lbe], Tinan Lahuli [lbf], Laopang [lbg], La'bi [lbi], Ladakhi [lbj], Lodhi [lbm], Lamet [lbn], Laven [lbo], Wampar [lbq], Northern Lorung [lbr], Libyan Sign Language [lbs], Lati [lbt], Labu [lbu], Lavatbura-Lamusong [lbv], Tolaki [lbw], Lawangan [lbx], Lamu-Lamu [lby], Lardil [lbz], Legenyem [lcc], Lola [lcd], Loncong [lce], Lubu [lcf], Luchazi [lch], Lisela [lcl], Tungag [lcm], Western Lawa [lcp], Luhu [lcq], Lisabata-Nuniali [lcs], Idun [ldb], Luri [ldd], Lenyima [ldg], Lamja [ldh], Lemoro [ldj], Leelau [ldk], Libo [ldl], Lo [ldo], Lotsu-Piri [ldp], Lufu [ldq], Lega-Shabunda [lea], Lala-Bisa [leb], Leco [lec], Lendu [led], Lyélé [lee], Lelemi [lef], Lengua [leg], Lenje [leh], Lemio [lei], Lengola [lej], Leipon [lek], Lele [lel], Nomaande [lem], Lenca [len], Leti [leo], Lepcha [lep], Lembena [leq], Lenkau [ler], Lese [les], Lesing-Atui [let], Kara [leu], Lamma [lev], Ledo Kaili [lew], Luang [lex], Lemolang [ley], Lezgi [lez], Lofuchai Qiang [lfu], Lungga [lga], Laghu [lgb], Lengilu [lgi], Lingarak [lgk], Langalanga [lgl], Lega-Mwenga [lgm], Opuuo [lgn], Logba [lgq], Lengo [lgr], Pahi [lgt], Longgu [lgu], Ligenza [lgz], Laha [lha], Lhomi [lhm], Lahanan [lhn], Boga'er Lhoba [lho], Toga [lht], West-Central Limba [lia], Likum [lib], Hlai [lic], Nyindrou [lid], Likila [lie], Limbu [lif], Ligbi [lig], Lihir [lih], Lingkhim [lii], Ligurian [lij], Lika [lik], Lillooet [lil], Limbum [lim], Lingala [lin], Liki [lio], Sekpele [lip], Libido [liq], Liberian English [lir], Lisu [lis], Lithuanian [lit], Logorik [liu], Liv [liv], Lembak [liw], Liabuku [lix], Banda-Bambari [liy], Libinza [liz], Rampi [lje], Laiyolo [lji], Li'o [ljl], Limboto [ljo], Lampung [ljp], Lakalei [lka], Kenyi [lke], Laeko-Libuat [lkl], Lakona [lkn], Lokoro [lkr], Lakota [lkt], Lokoya [lky], Lala-Roba [lla], Lele [llc], Ladin [lld], Leun [lle], Hermit [llf], Lelak [llk], Lilau [lll], Lasalimu [llm], Lele [lln], Khlor [llo], North Efate [llp], Lolak [llq], Lithuanian Sign Language [lls], Lau [llu], Lauan [llx], East Limba [lma], Lametin [lmb], Limilngan [lmc], Lomon [lmd], Pevé [lme], Lamogai [lmg], Lambichhong [lmh], Lombi [lmi], Lamkang [lmk], Hano [lml], Lamam [lmm], Lamani [lmn], Lombard [lmo], Limousin [lms], Lematang [lmt], Lamenu [lmu], Lomaiviti [lmv], Lake Miwok [lmw], Laimbue [lmx], Lamboya [lmy], Langbashe [lna], Mbalanhu [lnb], Languedocien [lnc], Lundayeh [lnd], Lanoh [lnh], Lantanai [lni], Leningitij [lnj], South Central Banda [lnl], Langam [lnm], Lorediakarkar [lnn], Lango [lno], Lintang [lnt], Longuda [lnu], Lonzo [lnz], Lukep [loa], Lobi [lob], Inonhan [loc], Berawan [lod], Coastal Saluan [loe], Logol [lof], Logo [log], Longarim [loh], Loma [loi], Lou [loj], Loko [lok], Loloda [lol], Loma [lom], Yidu Lhoba [lon], Lombo [loo], Lopa [lop], Lobala [loq], Téén [lor], Loniu [los], Otuho [lot], Louisiana Creole French [lou], Lopi [lov], Tampias Lobu [low], Loun [lox], Lopa [loy], Lozi [loz], Lelepa [lpa], Pite Saami [lpb], Southern Saami [lpc], Kildin Saami [lpd], Lepki [lpe], Inari Saami [lpi], Skolt Saami [lpk], Lule Saami [lpl], Northern Saami [lpr], Ter Saami [lpt], Ume Saami [lpu], Lopit [lpx], Lara' [lra], Laurentian [lre], Laragia [lrg], Luri [lri], Lari [lrl], Lorang [lrn], Laro [lro], Southern Lorung [lrr], Larevat [lrv], Lasgerdi [lsa], Lishana Deni [lsd], Lyons Sign Language [lsg], Lushai [lsh], Lashi [lsi], Latvian Sign Language [lsl], Aruop [lsr], Lasi [lss], Leti [lti], Latin [ltn], Latu [ltu], Litzlitz [ltz], Lumbee [lua], Luba-Kasai [lub], Aringa [luc], Ludian [lud], Luvale [lue], Laua [luf], Lugbara [lug], Luba-Shaba [luh], Luiseño [lui], Luna [luj], Luluba [lul], Luimbi [lum], Ontong Java [lun], Luo [luo], Lumbu [lup], Lucumi [luq], Lusengo [lus], Lushootseed [lut], Lumba-Yakkha [luu], Luwati [luv], Luo [luw], Luxembourgeois [lux], Luyia [luy], Maku'a [lva], Lavukaleve [lvk], Lunda [lvn], Lwalu [lwa], Lewada-Dewara [lwd], White Lati [lwh], Eastern Lawa [lwl], Luwo [lwo], Lewo [lww], Laz [lzz], San Jerónimo Tecoatl Mazateco [maa], Yutanduchi Mixteco [mab], Malecite-Passamaquoddy [mac], Wichí Lhamtés Vejoz [mad], Mabo-Barkul [mae], Mafa [maf], Makuráp [mag], Mangas [mah], Northwest Maidu [mai], San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz Mazateco [maj], Makhuwa-Metto [mak], Low Mari [mal], Northern Mam [mam], Mankanya [man], San Pedro Ixcatlán Mazateco [mao], Bedjond [map], San Juan Chiquihuitlán Mazateco [maq], Marghi Central [mar], Ngile [mas], Francisco de Los Ranchos Matlatzinca [mat], Huautla de Jimenez Mazateco [mau], Sateré-Mawé [mav], Mampruli [maw], North Moluccan Malay [max], Mayo [may], Mazahua [maz], Higaonon [mba], Western Bukidnon Manobo [mbb], Macushi [mbc], Dibabawon Manobo [mbd], Maori [mbf], Northern Nambikuára [mbg], Mangsing [mbh], Ilianen Manobo [mbi], Nadëb [mbj], Malol [mbk], Maxakalí [mbl], Mbama [mbm], Macaguán [mbn], Mbo [mbo], Malayo [mbp], Maisin [mbq], Nukak Makú [mbr], Sarangani Manobo [mbs], Matigsalug Manobo [mbt], Mbula-Bwazza [mbu], Mbulungish [mbv], Maring [mbw], Mari [mbx], Amoltepec Mixteco [mbz], Maca [mca], Machiguenga [mcb], Mutum [mcc], Sharanahua [mcd], Eastern Putla Mixteco [mce], Matsés [mcf], Mapoyo [mcg], Maquiritari [mch], Mesem [mci], Mvanon [mcj], Mbunda [mck], Macaguaje [mcl], Malaccan Creole Portuguese [mcm], Masana [mcn], Coatlán Mixe [mco], Makaa [mcp], Managalasi [mcq], Menya [mcr], Mambai [mcs], Mengisa [mct], Monogoy [mcu], Minanibai [mcv], Mawa [mcw], Mpiemo [mcx], South Watut [mcy], Mawan [mcz], Mada [mda], Morigi [mdb], Male [mdc], Mbum [mdd], Maba [mde], Moksha [mdf], Massalat [mdg], Magindanaon [mdh], Mamvu [mdi], Mangbetu [mdj], Mangbutu [mdk], Maltese Sign Language [mdl], Mayogo [mdm], Mbati [mdn], Southwest Gbaya [mdo], Mbala [mdp], Mbole [mdq], Magori [mdr], Maria [mds], Mbere [mdt], Mboko [mdu], Mbosi [mdw], Dizi [mdx], Male [mdy], Suruí do Pará [mdz], Menka [mea], Ikobi-Mena [meb], Mara [mec], Medlpa [med], Mengen [mee], Megam [mef], Mea [meg], Southwestern Tlaxiaco Mixteco [meh], Midob [mei], Meyah [mej], Mekeo [mek], Melanau [mel], Mangala [mem], Njen [men], Kedah Malay [meo], Miriwung [mep], Merey [meq], Meru [mer], Masmaje [mes], Maasai [met], Motu [meu], Mano [mev], Maaka [mew], Malagasy [mex], Hassaniya Arabic [mey], Menomini [mez], Pattani Malay [mfa], Lom [mfb], Mba [mfc], Mendankwe [mfd], Morisyen [mfe], Naki [mff], Mikifore [mfg], Matal [mfh], Wandala [mfi], Mefele [mfj], North Mofu [mfk], Putai [mfl], Marghi South [mfm], Cross River Mbembe [mfn], Mbe [mfo], Megiar [mfp], Moba [mfq], Marithiel [mfr], Mexican Sign Language [mfs], Mokerang [mft], Mbwela [mfu], Mandyak [mfv], Mulaha [mfw], Melo [mfx], Mende [mfy], Mabaan [mfz], Mang [mga], Mararit [mgb], Morokodo [mgc], Moru [mgd], Maklew [mgf], Mpongmpong [mgg], Mangala [mgh], Lijili [mgi], Mini [mgj], Mawes [mgk], Maleu-Kilenge [mgl], Mambai [mgm], Mbangi [mgn], Meta' [mgo], Eastern Magar [mgp], Malila [mgq], Mambwe-Lungu [mgr], Manda [mgs], Mongol [mgt], Mailu [mgu], Matengo [mgv], Matumbi [mgw], Omati [mgx], Mbunga [mgy], Mbugwe [mgz], Manda [mha], Mahongwe [mhb], Mocho [mhc], Mbugu [mhd], Besisi [mhe], Mamaa [mhf], Margu [mhg], Maskoy Pidgin [mhh], Ma'di [mhi], Madi [mhi], Madura [mhj], Mungaka [mhk], Mauwake [mhl], Mòoré [mhm], Moore [mhm], Mandar [mhn], Mashi [mho], Maviha [mhp], Mandan [mhq], Mehri [mhr], Buru [mhs], Mandahuaca [mht], Digaro [mhu], Arakanese [mhv], Mbukushu [mhw], Maru [mhx], Ma'anyan [mhy], Mor [mhz], Miami [mia], San Esteban Atatlahuca Mixteco [mib], Micmac [mic], Mandaic [mid], Santo Tomás Ocotepec Mixteco [mie], South Mofu [mif], San Miguel El Grande Mixteco [mig], Eastern Jamiltepec-Chayuco Mixteco [mih], Central Puebla Mixteco [mii], Missong [mij], Mikasuki [mik], Eastern Mixteco [mil], Alacatlatzala Mixteco [mim], Milikin [min], Western Jamiltepec Mixteco [mio], Santa María Apasco Mixteco [mip], Mískito [miq], Guichicovi Mixe [mir], Diuxi-Tilantongo Mixteco [mis], Southern Puebla Mixteco [mit], Cacaloxtepec Mixteco [miu], Mimi [miv], Angoya [miw], San Juan Mixtepec Mixteco [mix], Coastal Guerrero Mixteco [miy], San Juan Coatzospan Mixteco [miz], Mahei [mja], San Juan Colorado Mixteco [mjc], Manx [mjd], Muskum [mje], Manchu [mjf], Tu [mjg], Majhi [mjh], Kim Mun [mji], Mawak [mjj], Matukar [mjk], Mandeali [mjl], Medebur [mjm], Mebu [mjn], Malankuravan [mjo], Malapandaram [mjp], Malaryan [mjq], Malavedan [mjr], Malayalam [mjs], Sauria Paharia [mjt], Manna-Dora [mju], Mannan [mjv], Mikir [mjw], Mahali [mjx], Mirdha [mjy], Majhi [mjz], Mali [mka], Mal Paharia [mkb], Siliput [mkc], Marwari [mkd], Mawchi [mke], Miya [mkf], Mak [mkg], Central Masela [mkh], Dhatki [mki], Macedonian [mkj], Slavic [mkj], Byep [mkk], Mokole [mkl], Moklen [mkm], Munga [mko], Maithili [mkp], Mangbele [mkq], Malas [mkr], Silacayoapan Mixteco [mks], Vamale [mkt], Mafea [mkv], Munukutuba [mkw], Cinamiguin Manobo [mkx], East Makian [mky], Makasai [mkz], Malo [mla], Mbule [mlb], Man Cao Lan [mlc], Malakhel [mld], Manambu [mle], Mal [mlf], Mogholi [mlg], Mape [mlh], Malay [mli], Miltu [mlj], Malakote [mlk], Malua Bay [mll], Mulam [mlm], Malango [mln], Loanda Mbundu [mlo], Bargam [mlp], Malinke [mlq], Pelasla [mlr], Maltese [mls], Malimpung [mlt], To'abaita [mlu], Motlav [mlv], Melokwo [mlw], Malfaxal [mlx], Mondropolon [mly], Malaynon [mlz], Kantana [mma], Matia [mmc], Maonan [mmd], Mae [mme], Mundat [mmf], North Ambrym [mmg], Mehináku [mmh], Musar [mmi], Majhwar [mmj], Mukha-Dora [mmk], Man Met [mml], Maii [mmm], Mamanwa [mmn], Mangga Buang [mmo], Musan [mmp], Musak [mmq], Western Xiangxi Hmong [mmr], Southern Mam [mms], Malalamai [mmt], Mmaala [mmu], Miriti [mmv], Emae [mmw], Madak [mmx], Migaama [mmy], Mabaale [mmz], Mbula [mna], Russia Buriat [mnb], Central Mnong [mnc], Mondé [mnd], Medogo [mne], Umbundu [mnf], Eastern Mnong [mng], Mono [mnh], Maninka [mni], Munji [mnj], Mandinka [mnk], Malmariv [mnl], Mapena [mnm], Southern Mnong [mnn], Mokilese [mno], Min Bei Chinese [mnp], Minriq [mnq], Meithei [mnr], Mansi [mns], Maykulan [mnt], Mer [mnu], Rennell [mnv], Mon [mnw], Manikion [mnx], Morunahua [mny], Moni [mnz], Mwan [moa], Moinba [mob], Mocoví [moc], Mobilian [mod], Montagnais [moe], Mohegan-Montauk-Narragansett [mof], Mongondow [mog], Mohawk [moh], Mboi [moi], Monzombo [moj], Moraori [mok], Monimbo [mol], Mongo-Nkundu [mom], Mono [mon], Monom [moo], Mopán Maya [mop], Mor [moq], Moro [mor], Northern Tlaxiaco Mixteco [mos], Motilón [mot], Mogum [mou], Mohave [mov], Moi [mow], Molima [mox], Shakacho [moy], Mokulu [moz], Mpoto [mpa], Mullukmulluk [mpb], Mangarayi [mpc], Machinere [mpd], Majang [mpe], Tajumulco Mam [mpf], Marba [mpg], Maung [mph], Mpade [mpi], Martu Wangka [mpj], Mbara [mpk], Middle Watut [mpl], Santiago Yosondua Mixteco [mpm], Mindiri [mpn], Miu [mpo], Migabac [mpp], Matís [mpq], Vangunu [mpr], Dadibi [mps], Mian [mpt], Minangkabau [mpu], Munkip [mpv], Mopha [mpw], Misima-Paneati [mpx], Mapia [mpy], Mpi [mpz], Maba [mqa], Mbuko [mqb], Mangole [mqc], Madang [mqd], Matepi [mqe], Momuna [mqf], Kota Bangun Kutai Malay [mqg], Southern Marwari [mqh], Mariri [mqi], Mamasa [mqj], Rajah Kabunsuwan Manobo [mqk], Mbelime [mql], Magahi [mqm], Moronene [mqn], Modole [mqo], Manipa [mqp], Minokok [mqq], Mander [mqr], West Makian [mqs], Mok [mqt], Mandari [mqu], Mosimo [mqv], Murupi [mqw], Mamuju [mqx], Manggarai [mqy], Malasanga [mqz], Mlabri [mra], Marino [mrb], Maricopa [mrc], Western Magar [mrd], Martha's Vineyard Sign Language [mre], Morwap [mrf], Mori [mrg], Mara Chin [mrh], Northern Marwari [mri], High Mari [mrj], Hmwaveke [mrk], Mortlockese [mrl], Merlav [mrm], Cheke Holo [mrn], Mru [mro], Morouas [mrp], North Marquesan [mrq], Maria [mrr], Maragus [mrs], Marathi [mrt], Mono [mru], Mangareva [mrv], Maranao [mrw], Maremgi [mrx], Karaga Mandaya [mry], Marind [mrz], Masalit [msa], Masbatenyo [msb], Mayan Sign Language [msd], Musey [mse], Mekwei [msf], Moraid [msg], Sabah Malay [msi], Ma [msj], Mansaka [msk], Molof [msl], Agusan Manobo [msm], Mosina [msn], Mombum [mso], Manitsauá [msp], Caac [msq], Makassar [msr], West Masela [mss], Cataelano Mandaya [mst], Musom [msu], Maslam [msv], Mansoanka [msw], Moresada [msx], Aruamu [msy], Momare [msz], Cotabato Manobo [mta], Morofo Anyin [mtb], Munit [mtc], Mualang [mtd], Mono [mte], Murik [mtf], Una [mtg], Munggui [mth], Maiwa [mti], Moskona [mtj], Mbe' [mtk], Montol [mtl], Mator [mtm], Matagalpa [mtn], Totontepec Mixe [mto], Wichí Lhamtés Nocten [mtp], Muong [mtq], Dehati Maithili [mtr], Yora [mts], Mota [mtt], San Pedro Tututepec Mixteco [mtu], Asaro'o [mtv], Magahat [mtw], North Central Nochixtlán Mixteco [mtx], Nabi [mty], Tacaneco [mtz], Mundang [mua], Mubi [mub], Mulia [muc], Mutús [muf], Musgu [mug], Mündü [muh], Musi [mui], Mugu [muk], Mumuye [mul], Mundani [mun], Nyong [muo], Malvi [mup], Eastern Xiangxi Hmong [muq], Murle [mur], Western Muria [mut], Yaaku [muu], Muthuvan [muv], Mundari [muw], Mbo-Ung [mux], Muyang [muy], Mursi [muz], Manam [mva], Mattole [mvb], Central Mam [mvc], Mamboru [mvd], Northeastern Mixe [mve], Peripheral Mongolian [mvf], San Bartolomé Yucuañe Mixteco [mvg], Mire [mvh], Miyako [mvi], Todos Santos Cuchumatán Mam [mvj], Mekmek [mvk], Mangelas [mvl], Muya [mvm], Minaveha [mvn], Marovo [mvo], Duri [mvp], Moere [mvq], Marau [mvr], Massep [mvs], Mpotovoro [mvt], Marfa [mvu], Tagal Murut [mvv], Machinga [mvw], Meoswar [mvx], Indus Kohistani [mvy], May [mvz], Mwatebu [mwa], Muniwara [mwb], Are [mwc], Mudbura [mwd], Mwera [mwe], Murrinh-Patha [mwf], Aiklep [mwg], Mouk-Aria [mwh], Labo [mwi], Maligo [mwj], Mirandesa [mwl], Sar [mwm], Mwanga [mwn], Central Maewo [mwo], Kala Lagaw Ya [mwp], Mün Chin [mwq], Marka [mwr], Mwimbi-Muthambi [mws], Moken [mwt], Mittu [mwu], Mentawai [mwv], Hmong Daw [mww], Mediak [mwx], Mosiro [mwy], Moingi [mwz], Northwest Oaxaca Mixteco [mxa], Tezoatlán de Segura y Luna Mixteco [mxb], Manyika [mxc], Modang [mxd], Mele-Fila [mxe], Malgbe [mxf], Mbangala [mxg], Mvuba [mxh], Mozarabic [mxi], Miju [mxj], Monumbo [mxk], Maxi-Gbe [mxl], Meramera [mxm], Moi [mxn], Mbowe [mxo], Tlahuitoltepec Mixe [mxp], Juquila Mixe [mxq], Murik Kayan [mxr], San Antonio Huitepec Mixteco [mxs], Eastern Jamiltepec-San Cristobal Mixteco [mxt], Mada [mxu], Metlatonoc Mixteco [mxv], Mari [mxw], Maou [mxx], Southeastern Nochixtlán Mixteco [mxy], Moru [mxz], Cameroon Mambila [mya], Mbai [myb], Mayeka [myc], Maramba [myd], Myene [mye], Bambassi [myf], Manta [myg], Makah [myh], Mina [myi], Mangayat [myj], Mamara Senoufo [myk], Moma [myl], Me'en [mym], Muna [myn], Anfillo [myo], Múra-Pirahã [myp], Mening [myq], Muniche [myr], Mesmes [mys], Sangab Mandaya [myt], Mundurukú [myu], Erzya [myv], Muyuw [myw], Masaba [myx], Macuna [myy], Classical Mandaic [myz], Southern Putla Mixteco [mza], Tumzabt [mzb], Malimba [mzd], Morawa [mze], Aiku [mzf], Monastic Sign Language [mzg], Wichí Lhamtés Güisnay [mzh], Mumeng [mzi], Manya [mzj], Nigeria Mambila [mzk], Mazatlán Mixe [mzl], Marshallese [mzm], Mazanderani [mzn], Matipuhy [mzo], Movima [mzp], Mori Atas [mzq], Marúbo [mzr], Macanese [mzs], Mintil [mzt], Inapang [mzu], Manza [mzv], Deg [mzw], Mazaro [mzx], Nandu-Tari [naa], Southern Nambikuára [nab], Narak [nac], Nijadali [nad], Naka'ela [nae], Nabak [naf], Naga Pidgin [nag], Guerrero Nahuatl [nah], Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl [nai], Nalu [naj], Nakanai [nak], Nalik [nal], Nangikurrunggurr [nam], Nanggu [nan], Naapa [nao], Napu [nap], Nama [naq], Iguta [nar], Naasioi [nas], Hungworo [nat], Mecayapan Isthmus Nahuatl [nau], Navaho [nav], Nawuri [naw], Nakwi [nax], Narrinyeri [nay], Coatepec Nahuatl [naz], Nyemba [nba], Ndoe [nbb], Chang Naga [nbc], Ngbinda [nbd], Konyak Naga [nbe], Naxi [nbf], Nagarchal [nbg], Ngamo [nbh], Mao Naga [nbi], Ngarinman [nbj], Nake [nbk], Ngbee [nbl], Ngbaka Ma'bo [nbm], Nabi [nbn], Nkukoli [nbo], Nnam [nbp], Nggem [nbq], Numana-Nunku-Gwantu-Numbu [nbr], Namibian Sign Language [nbs], Rongmei Naga [nbu], Ngamambo [nbv], Ngura [nbx], Ningera [nby], Nahu [nca], Central Nicobarese [ncb], Ponam [ncc], Nachering [ncd], Yale [nce], Notsi [ncf], Nass-Gitksian [ncg], Classical Nahuatl [nci], North Puebla Nahuatl [ncj], Nakara [nck], Michoacán Nahuatl [ncl], Nambu [ncm], Nauna [ncn], Nagovisi [nco], Ndaktup [ncp], Nchinchege [ncq], Ncane [ncr], Nicaraguan Sign Language [ncs], Chothe Naga [nct], Chumburung [ncu], Central Puebla Nahuatl [ncx], Natchez [ncz], Ndasa [nda], Kenswei Nsei [ndb], Ndau [ndc], Nde-Nsele-Nta [ndd], Ndengereko [nde], Ndebele [ndf], Ndonga [ndg], Ndali [ndh], Samba Leko [ndi], Ndamba [ndj], Ndaka [ndk], Ndolo [ndl], Ndam [ndm], Ngundi [ndn], Bamunka [ndo], Ndo [ndp], Ndombe [ndq], Ndoola [ndr], Ndonde [nds], Ndunga [ndt], Pape [ndu], Ndut [ndv], Ndobo [ndw], Nduga [ndx], Lutos [ndy], Ndogo [ndz], Eastern Ngad'a [nea], Toura [neb], Nedebang [nec], Nemadi [ned], Kumak [nee], Negidal [neg], Neko [nej], Neku [nek], Ndebele [nel], Nemi [nem], Nengone [nen], Nepali [nep], Yahadian [ner], Upper Kinnauri [nes], Nete [net], Nyaheun [nev], Newari [new], Neyo [ney], Nez Perce [nez], Ndao [nfa], Ayiwo [nfl], Nafaanra [nfr], Mfumte [nfu], Ngbaka [nga], Ngbandi [ngb], Ngombe [ngc], Ngando [ngd], Ngemba [nge], Ngungwoni [ngf], Ngbaka Manza [ngg], Ng'huki [ngh], Ngizim [ngi], Ngie [ngj], Ngalkbun [ngk], Lomwe [ngl], Ngatik Men's Creole [ngm], Ngwo [ngn], Balundu-Bima [ngo], Ngulu [ngp], Ngurimi [ngq], Ngiri [ngr], Gevoko [ngs], Ngeq [ngt], Ngoni [ngu], Nagumi [ngv], Ngwaba [ngw], Nggwahyi [ngx], Tibea [ngy], Northeastern Teke [ngz], Nhang [nha], Beng [nhb], Tabasco Nahuatl [nhc], Chiripá [nhd], Nghwele [nhe], Nhuwala [nhf], Tetelcingo Nahuatl [nhg], Nahari [nhh], Tlalitzlipa Nahuatl [nhj], Cosoleacaque Isthmus Nahuatl [nhk], Nihali [nhl], Morelos Nahuatl [nhm], Central Nahuatl [nhn], Takuu [nho], Pajapan Isthmus Nahuatl [nhp], Huaxcaleca Nahuatl [nhq], Naro [nhr], Southeast Puebla Nahuatl [nhs], Ometepec Nahuatl [nht], Noone [nhu], Temascaltepec Nahuatl [nhv], Western Huasteca Nahuatl [nhw], Ixhuatlancillo Nahuatl [nhx], North Oaxaca Nahuatl [nhy], Santa María la Alta Nahuatl [nhz], Nyabwa [nia], Nakama [nib], Nisa [nic], Ngandi [nid], Niellim [nie], Nek [nif], Ngalakan [nig], Nyiha [nih], Nii [nii], Ngaju [nij], Southern Nicobarese [nik], Nila [nil], Nilamba [nim], Ninzam [nin], Nganasan [nio], Nias [nip], Niue [niq], Nimboran [nir], Nimi [nis], Southeastern Kolami [nit], Mato [niu], Gilyak [niv], Nimo [niw], Hema [nix], Ngiti [niy], Ningil [niz], Nzanyi [nja], Nocte Naga [njb], Koozime [nje], Lotha Naga [njh], Ngarndji [nji], Njalgulgule [njl], Angami Naga [njm], Liangmai Naga [njn], Ao Naga [njo], Njerup [njr], Ngadjunmaya [nju], Nkoya [nka], Khoibu Maring Naga [nkb], Koireng [nkd], Duke [nke], Kabui Naga [nkf], Nekgini [nkg], Khezha Naga [nkh], Khoirao Naga [nki], Nokuku [nkk], Nkangala [nkn], Nkonya [nko], Niuatoputapu [nkp], Nkwak [nkq], Nukuoro [nkr], North Asmat [nks], Bouna Kulango [nku], Nkutu [nkw], Nkoroo [nkx], Khiamngan Naga [nky], Ngombale [nla], Gela [nlg], Grangali [nli], Nyali [nlj], Ninia Yali [nlk], Meluri Naga [nlm], Durango Nahuatl [nln], Ngul [nlo], Ngarla [nlr], Nchumbulu [nlu], Orizaba Nahuatl [nlv], Nyamal [nly], Maram Naga [nma], Big Nambas [nmb], Ngam [nmc], Ndumu [nmd], Mzieme Naga [nme], Tangkhul Naga [nmf], Ngumba [nmg], Monsang Naga [nmh], Ngombe [nmj], Namakura [nmk], Ndemli [nml], Manangba [nmm], !

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