Sex dating in ghent west virginia

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Sex dating in ghent west virginia

In a statement to police, Dolinger said that she was repulsed by the request, but agreed to go along with Champ's requests as a part of an effort to report him to police.

The investigation showed that there was a conversation through text messages where, Champ learned that Dolinger had a five-year-old daughter, and that he asked Dolinger to arrange for him to have a sexual encounter with her.

Dolinger had previously arranged to have three male friends inside the home before Champ arrived.

In the complaint, Champ agreed to pay 4 to have an hour with the girl alone.

Nicholson must register as a sex offender because of a conviction in 1998 on Third Degree Sexual Abuse and Indecent Exposure.

That crime involved an 8-year-old girl in Tyler County, WV.12 p.m. 31, 2015 UPDATE: Cooperation between several law enforcement agencies lead to the arrest of a man in a chase that began in Wyoming County and ended in Greenbrier County.

When he was headed upstairs, the men who were in the home asked Champ to leave and Dolinger called police.

Both Dolinger and Champ went to the police station and gave statements.

Beckley Police Detective Morgan Bragg testified in front of Magistrate Massie and told the court about the details leading up to the arrest.

Bragg said the Beckley woman called police last month after she met Champ on a Plenty of Fish and he expressed interest in having sex with her 5-year-old daughter.

As a part of the investigation, police officers went through the text messages and were able to gather enough evidence to arrest Champ on July 1, 2014.

Police were also able to get a warrant to look through Champ's phone, where they were able to confirm that he had repeatedly requested pictures of Dolinger's five-year-old daughter with "nothing on."Champ is being held in the Southern Regional Jail.

After checking his record, they found his license was revoked for Driving Under the Influence.

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