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Previous e-ditions of the Pediatrics Pulse have touched on the topic of sensory processing disorder (SPD) via discussion of potentially beneficial interventions as well as our most recent case study featuring an occupational therapy intensive program for SPD.

Unfortunately, this is happening amidst exposure to repeated NICU interventions that involve pain, noise, bright light, and other extreme sensory stimulation.They were significantly less sensitive with greater degrees of difference noted in the more intense stimuli of cold and hot, but not with cool and warm.In the term-born group, the males were more sensitive to cold than the females; however, there were no differences in the pre-term children based on sex.While these changes likely denote tissue damage specific to surgical procedure, the differences noted at the thenar eminence suggest a centrally mediated alteration in the modulation of sensory input which could impact future experience and response.These findings, though not comprehensive, do suggest that children born pre-term who undergo significant central nervous system development and organization in the NICU environment while receiving interventions that are painful and/or involve other extreme sensory stimuli, are at increased risk for development of atypical sensory behavior development, ADHD, ASD, or somatosensory threshold desensitization.We will use this series to collect and examine the available evidence to better determine our own direction and potential areas of research here at Pediatrics Plus. Though neonatal intensive care has advanced to allow infants born below 28 weeks, extremely low gestational age (ELGA), to survive and sometimes develop without major neurodevelopmental complications, a number of these infants will have developmental difficulties.

Amongst those developmental difficulties a pre-term infant may face as he grows, is atypical sensory processing.The Sensory Profile is a commonly used parent/caregiver completed questionnaire that assesses a child’s behavioral responses to typically occurring sensory stimuli over four quadrants and five sensory processing sections including: auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular, and oral sensory processing. examined 253 children born The results showed that the pre-term children had stronger interactions between neurological thresholds to elicit a response and self-regulating strategies.Additionally, they also exhibited more of the behaviors in all of the processing sections than the controls.I have a great sense of humor so I can be playful as well as serious when I need to be.I'm looking for someone who's into volleyball or tennis, or maybe just loves the outdoors.A portion of the same cohort examined in the previously mentioned 2009 study from the UK and Ireland, in combination with additional recruitment identified 43 subjects to undergo sensory testing involving thermal and mechanical sensory threshold testing.