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The storm, should it end up causing as much devastation as forecasters have predicted, would be the second major natural disaster of his presidency — and would come right on the heels of the first, in Houston, where floodwaters left thousands stranded following Hurricane Harvey.At least six million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in Florida.

As Irma has approached, Mr Trump has repeatedly urged residents of Florida to follow the orders of their local officials, and said that the state is about as prepared as it can be.

Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago beach side resort was ordered to be evacuated Friday alongside all of the ritzy Palm Beach Island where it sits.

The resort is located on a low-lying strip of land that runs against the Atlantic Ocean, and is separated from the mainland by yet another body of narrow water.

Nicola Little arrived at the North Miami Senior High school desperate, and in tears.

She had been told to go there after finding out that a hotel room she’d booked had been closed, but the signs outside and the Red Cross staff inside told her there wasn’t room for her at the shelter.

Finally, after flagged down a Red Cross volunteer delivering food, and then ran to stop her, Ms Little was assured she would be taken care of by a Red Cross volunteer.

She was taken inside of the already packed shelter and told, finally, that she would have somewhere to stay.

Once she’d arrived, she said, that original shelter was found.

But for others, the rapidly filling shelters may pose significant dangers.

But, less than an hour later, Ms Little walked across the cement courtyard outside the school in tears again.

She said that she’d been given food and two phone numbers of places she could go, but neither line answered.

“I have nowhere to go,” Ms Little, who came to Florida just months ago on vacation but had been stranded, said.