Sedating dogs for travel

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And as much as you may long to watch your pup frolic on the beach or to share a cozy mountain cabin with your feline friend, animals who suffer from motion sickness, anxiety in new environments, or other conditions that make travel unpleasant for them should be left at home with a trusted pet sitter.For first-time travelers, start by preparing them for the long road ahead. "This way it’s not a strange place," Percival says. throwing them in there and heading down the road." When your pet is comfortable in the new space, you can follow up with short jaunts around town to accustom them to the vehicle’s motion and evaluate their suitability for longer trips.

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• PACK IT IN: If your car is piled with luggage or household goods, make sure everything is securely tied down to prevent heavy objects from toppling onto your pet when the vehicle is in motion.

• MAKE LIKE A BOY SCOUT: Make sure your pet's vaccinations are up-to-date, and bring a copy of their records and, in case of emergency, a list of veterinary clinics along your route.

Pet travel gear: Find seat belts, harnesses, and backseat barriers at

The cats will stay behind in the RV, content with bird-watching and climbing the 72-inch cat tree inside their home on wheels. If you’re moving, your pet may need to weather a road trip even if they loathe it.

Here are some steps to make the experience easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

Sue Percival and her husband introduced their dog and five cats to their new motor home by "camping" in the driveway of their St. If they prove to be the adventurous type, start mapping your itinerary by checking the many websites that list animal-friendly hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, parks, beaches, and events.

Call ahead for reservations and ask about any size or breed restrictions, deposits, or extra charges.

• PREP WORK: Help prepare your pet for moving day by introducing them to your vehicle and taking brief drives together.

• UNEASY RIDER: If your pet turns out to be a poor traveler, ask your vet for a mild sedative or homeopathic remedy that will calm them but not knock them out.

When Aaron Dean moved his family from Florida to Colorado, his two dogs were experienced riders, but the cats were quick to vocalize their complaints.

After four hours of nonstop yowling, "we wanted to drive into oncoming traffic," Dean says.

by Arna Cohen Third wheels aren't a standard feature of honeymoons, but when Joanne and Jonas Banner were planning a camping trip to the redwood stands of Northern California, the newlyweds had no intention of leaving behind their 10-year-old pointer mix, Sandy.