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According to the men in our survey, prior to the advent of dating apps, bars held that title, but they are now a distant second. While the hookup reputation of current apps appears well-deserved, there are also a surprisingly high number of men who seek something more than casual sex.

Furthermore, the marriage equality rulings have affected more than just the LGBT community.That led me to wonder, as oppressive legal and social structures fall away and our neighborhoods change, how are new ways of forming connections progressing?Being an out, loud and proud nerd, I decided to more thoroughly explore my questions about the impact of technology on socializing and dating among gay men.In my professional life as a psychologist, I see daily how gay men adapt to, and thrive in, the changing landscape.I have noted a shift in how my gay male clients described meeting guys for hookups and dates.The majority of men in our survey responded that this was indeed the case, with 56 percent reporting that they use dating apps in public.

We were also curious if, unlike the "at home alone" stereotype of online dating and hookup websites, users of mobile dating apps integrated them into their social lives. It's also fascinating to note that while some things change, others remain the same.I, along with one of my colleagues, pored over hundreds of psychological studies over the past two years to gain insight into the impact of online technology on forming relationships.We coupled those baseline research findings with a nationwide survey that asked a variety of questions about first-generation mobile dating apps.We asked how those apps changed the social lives of gay men and how they were most used.The results from 537 single gay and bisexual men are illuminating.While 41 percent of gay and lesbian respondents report that their families already see same-sex relationships as a positive thing, more than a third stated that the recent cultural shifts and gains in marriage equality would help their parents see their personal same-sex relationships in a more positive light.

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    And the primary reason behind this fact is that online chat platforms allow them to precisely find people that have similar interests and a lot of things in common.

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    But in terms of overall satisfaction, our survey found that free dating sites actually score a touch better than paid ones, probably because they're a better value.