Russian dating traditions

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Currently most city weddings would last just one day but in villages or smaller towns they would celebrate at least for three days in a row.So, let’s go through some of the important traditions and customs to follow. Many countries of the world have something similar to that.

The bride and the groom get married and then go for a ride around the city and take pictures.But the modern Russian tradition does not suppose it.Just be romantic and allow her to have a very unique and lovely experience she could recall for years.At this, you may or may not give her an engagement ring.Of course, it would be a beautiful thing, and she might be expecting it from you since you are a foreigner.When they return home, her parents meet the young couple with the round loaf of bread with salt.

You need to break a small piece of the loaf, dip it into the salt and eat it. They say that whoever breaks out a larger piece of the bread (a groom or a bride), that person would be the head of the house.They usually play Mendelssohn march, when the bride and the groom enter the civil wedding hall.Those were some of the secular traditions of marriage in Russia.But how do you go about the business and follow the traditions of her country in your foreign marriage?Let’s learn more about the Russian marriage culture and traditions. A woman expects to get an engagement ring from her fiancé.If you decide to go for it, or if the bride’s parents insist on it, you should get prepared.