Roulette sudani cam chatting

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Roulette sudani cam chatting

"It was good for the players to walk out and feel good about their performance and feel good about themselves," Altman said. It was nice lo have a ballgamc like this where things went right for us and we hit free throws and we hit open jump shots." - VOLUME 99A, NUMBER 103 Excellence election voted down Student Senate voted late Thursday night against having a student election to determine student support for the Partnership for Excellence. Some senators expressed concern that there would not be enough time to educate students about the Partnership for Excellence and set up the election. I didn't think it would be possible to educate 20,000 students," De Loss Jahnke, Student Senate Chair, said.

"It took the wind out of our sails, and it was hard to recover from that play." With remaining in the game, OU's Ken Conley fouled Deryl Cunningham while DC drove toward the basket.

Carrel said regardless of whether or not the Partnership for Excellence is passed by the legis- lature, tuition will increase.

If it is passed, the money will be ear- marked especially for the University. "We have everything to lose, really, if we don't support it," Carrel said. "The fact remains that tuition will go up," he said.

Jahnke and Carrel both said that not support- ing the Partnership for Excellence itself would be a mistake.

Peterson, who is opposed to the Partnership for Excellence, gathered 1,350 signatures in a petition calling for a student election to deter- mine student opinion about the Partnership for Excellence.

"The ref didn't realize he had called the foul on Conley and i was shooting.

Ski is shooting 90 percent from the line, so 1 wasn't going to say anything." That one play aside, the Cats controlled the tempo of the game from the outset.

I Just wish would have done it Dana Altman K-State men's basketball coach Coach Dana Altman has complained recently about incon- sistent play and that the Wildcats have yet to have all the cylin- ders*hit together. K-State defeated Oklahoma 89 76 Saturday in a surprise blowout in which everything finally clicked for the Cats.

"It was a ballgamc where we needed to click on all cylinders," Altman said, "t just wish we would have done it sooner in the year." The Cats shot 85 percent in the second half and 57 percent overall. While Altman' s team seemed to possess abilities they have been tacking all season, Billy Tubbs' team disappeared during much of the second half. They really shot the ball good, and we couldn't stop it." As Tubbs talked, his players filed out quietly, refusing to talk about the loss.

"With the Partnership for Excellence, we will have a chance of getting money back.

Without it, we have no chance of getting it." Finney says bill not answer Collegian DEATH Gov.

Two of the foul shots that Jones took should have been attempted by Cunningham, who was original- ly fouled by Conley.