Rome patchata nampan dating

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Rome patchata nampan dating

Arunprapai is pretty, simple, hard working, and honest.Arunprapai agrees to marry Khong Khai to escape from her ex boyfriend.

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Khong Khai falling for Arunprapai causes him to neglect Brung, which she doesn’t fail to notice.

It happened so quickly, someone suddenly approached her and askedd about it.

I don’t look on the internet, I don’t follow the news. I don’t want to bury myself in too much of this stuff.

Let’s just say that Brung also doesn’t push Khong Khai to be the best version of himself – successful and hard working.

This is the first drama that made me hate the pra’ek with a passion.

Poochom – the ex boyfriend – cheated on Arunprapai and made the third party pregnant.

Arunprapai knows Poochom has new responsibilities and a relationship between them is now impossible. Welcome ..Nworld I'm going to redirect to the forum while I work on this. sa Nworld I'm going to redirect to the forum while I work on this. sa Nworld I'm going to redirect to the forum while I work on this. Get the optimal performance out of your PC, earn real rewards, and connect with others while in-game via Twitch, chat, and more!She does her best to create misunderstandings between the couple and that isn’t too hard to do.Khong Khai doesn’t give much respect to his legal wife. At business functions, Brung wants to be recognized at his partner even when Arunprapai is present.Rome Patchata Nampan is a young talented actor in Thai showbiz. Just like every other Thai actors, and announcing in publicity of being a straight, Rome Patchata can’t avoid the gay rumor..

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