Reunion dating

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Reunion dating

Reality TV allows you to play off your own human nature of how you perceive people. I have said before editing is part of storytelling. My challenge to you all is to look at everything when watching and judging someone else’s life.That’s why reality TV is as popular as it is, that’s why it’s big business. It takes such courage and guts to lay it all out there in the name of love and for your entertainment.

Has anyone noticed that all the Married at First Sight “villains” that a majority of people have disliked have been the ones who have been doing the rejecting? We all have been rejected and we all have rejected others. It doesn’t matter- you’ll perceive it one way or another, no matter what I say. Even if I am now, looking at the comments if you loved me, you say “congrats.” If you hated me, those comments were “I am friend-zoned” or we’d breakup in a year or I lied all year and have been dating her nonstop.

I know what it feels likes to be rejected on TV and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Make no mistake about it, that reunion was a character assassination by a lot of people that I called friends (who like their exes, to be fair). So many people jumped to conclusions after knowing nothing about us other than a silly caption and a photo.

Obviously, I handled that wrong and that blew up in my face. Not all what you said during the “he-said, she-said” was true, just like not all was false. One thing is for sure, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Which brings me to my final thoughts and point to this letter. Y’all come up with your own conclusions no matter what I say in this letter and what you see on TV.

I did the best I could and it weighed on me heavily throughout the whole process.

Not only was I trying to force it to find love but, to a fault, I am a people pleaser.

I knew sitting on the couch at the reunion that she was the one that I was supposed to end up with. I wanted love, but I also wanted to give them- and you, the fans, a great new TV show. Because they have given me so much, I wanted to come through for them.

Maybe that was a little misguided, but it’s where my head was at the time.She didn’t deserve what happened to her and I sincerely apologize to her, her family and friends. So let’s get back to glimpses outside of the show…I did message and see other women after the cameras left. However, it was selfish, the women didn’t know and that’s what made it wrong.At the time, I wasn’t told I wasn’t allowed and I didn’t see what was wrong with that. I may not have seen it at the time, but I see it now. I don’t know who did it (yes, there is a thing called Facebook Secret messenger- look it up, someone could message from your account and you’d never know)…because here is the thing: during the process, I was getting a lot of anonymous messages, videos and other things. These videos were of private conversations, a mock “bracket” of who would advance and private conversations between participants.I wanted to find love and come through for everyone.Looking back, that would have been impossible- but what can I say, I am a people pleaser. I am sorry to every woman who entered this process for the result that came of it. I did my best to be real and genuine, but I did reach a point where, I wouldn’t say I was faking it, but I was forcing it.That’s the thing about dating shows, what if there isn’t “the one”?