Rachel dating glee

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Rachel dating glee - a girls guide to dating a geek

Rachel has been in a relationship with Finn for two years now.This is their last year in high school and she expects it to be perfect. The thing is, he can’t just choose one to love - all of them has that special something he’s looking for.

After seven years on the air, Ryan Murphy's cast of musically inclined high schoolers sang their last song.This is a one-shot that has been on my mind for the past few days. Mostly seblaine in the beginning because my seblainchel verse started with Seblaine dating before Rachel was added to the mix "I don't do jealousy." Sebastian's hips jerked into Blaine's when his hands started to rub at the hip bones jutting out past the sweatpants the taller male had on.I know Sebastian wasn't in season two, but we're going to pretend that he was for the sake of this and that he and Rachel have met on previous occasions. " Sebastian asks, grasping her other hand and bringing it up to his mouth to press a lingering kiss to it. "I can't," his girlfriend exclaims, leaning forward. "I do however," He leaned in close again, his tongue running over Blaine's lower lip.In life, there’s no one way to meet a potential significant other.Like, you could literally meet the love of your life at a grocery store.inches toward its series finale, a new couple is starting to emerge.

While Sue may have hypnotized Sam (Chord Overstreet) to have feelings for Rachel (Lea Michele), there may be a real romantic relationship forming between the two.

But, after Cory & Julie called it quits in 2010, and Lea & Theo called it quits in 2011, the on-screen love interests gave off-screen romance a try.

The beautiful pair known as Monchele (or Finchel, on the show) stayed together until Cory, unexpectedly, passed away in July 2013.

Rachel and Blaine were just having a perfect secret relationship, until one date and an unexpected date crash.

Read what happens to them while they deal with the ups and downs of their relationship, school and glee, and even some old flames. It's based on 2x14 Blame it on the Alcohol episode of Glee.

", Blaine asked a moment later."It's kinda late for that question, don't you think? "I'll tell you what, tonight, I'm gonna take you out to watch a musical of your choice and diner. "Rachel thought for while and said, "Alright, Love Story. Rachel's afraid what she's doing with Blaine is a mistake because she did something similar with Jesse- dating the competition.here? She went outside and found Blaine, waiting for her. Kurt got a text from his date saying he couldn't make it- yes, Kurt's date is a guy, not one as great as Blaine.