Quicken citibank not updating

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Now, having to download into Quicken manually doesn’t seem very difficult. Instead of a single download for all your accounts, you need a separate multi-step download procedure web site for their Master Card customers for some inexplicable reason. The only way to make it work is to download the old . Which means that it takes about ten minutes to simply download your account data before you’re even in a position to start updating your accounts. If you try to manually download to Quicken from the HSBC Master Card site, it doesn’t work, stating “Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution information for this download”.

To enable the logging, you simply need to double click the file (see below to obtain it), and allow the changes to be made to your registry when prompted.Bank and Credit Card Transactions: Many online banks and credit card companies allow you to download recent transactions (checks, deposits, credit card charges, etc.) into a file in the Quicken Interchange Format (QIF), so that you can import these transactions into your Quicken account.The problem with this approach is that typically the bank has no way of assigning meaningful categories to the transactions.This is an odd thing to ask, especially as the software was just downloaded directly from Quicken’s site, but whatever, I proceeded. But when I launched Quicken, it automatically checked for updates (again), and this time it found an update to Release 3! One of the most powerful features of Quicken is its ability to download and update your accounts with a single click.Did they really release a new upgrade in the fifteen seconds since the last update check? Imagine my joy upon learning that this feature doesn’t work with HSBC.Note that Quicken Essentials For Mac 2010 and later does not support QIF. They accept only QFX, which is a proprietary format that cannot be produced by this program.

Quicken for Mac 2007 and earlier however, do support qif, as do many other financial products.Now, this isn’t entirely Quicken’s fault – many banks have adopted rigorous, non-standard authentication mechanisms to thwart phishing and other security attacks. However, this is a trend that’s been understood for the past four years, one that Quicken should have moved to address a long time ago. [UPDATE] As it turns out, PNC does have an OFX server, so my Pocketsense scripts work with that bank as well.If Microsoft Money is still Online, you also have the final option (courtesy of Glyn SImpson) of activating a registry key to enable logging for your online banking communications within Microsoft Money.If you enable the logging, then you will find that two files are created within the same directory that your Money file is in (or sometimes the Microsoft Money installation directory), containing logging information about the online banking call.

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