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1 (2015) – ISSN 1973 – 2880 Antrocom Online Journal of Anthropology vol. Kornstanje Anthropological Reflections on the Interventions on Genitalia by Franco Viviani 5 19 Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Nutritional Status among an Urban 41 Population of Southern Rajasthan by Pulakes Purkait, Prem C. Lambert Ciocche e trecce: la donna tra i suoi nodi 113 by Nadia Berti Il matrimonio lucano e il suo universo culturale: lo specchio di una società che cambia125 by Michela Forgione Compendio e riesame delle indagini di superficie di un nuovo insediamento nella Puglia centroccidentale: Murgia e Grotta San Pellegrino (Laterza - Taranto) 153 by Vincenzo Stasolla Antropologia ed Evoluzione Umana nel Museo Sardo di Antropologia ed Etnografia Finalità didattico-educative by Marco Sarigu, Rosalba Floris, Giovanni Umberto Floris, Valeria Pusceddu 169 Reviews/Recensioni 173 Antrocom Online Journal of Anthropology vol. Korstanje University of Palermo, Argentina & International Society for Philosophers, UK keywords abstract human rights torture evilness terrorism The problem of terrorism after the attacks in American soil in September 2011 has changed the philosophical grounds in ethics and human rights fields. ‘The Elements of a Scientific Theory of Self-Deception’. Creole fer-blanc Ziloi or Creole Chagossian Sometimes dark-skinned. 1980-1990: sought to revive the Africanism in all Creoles (Information from interviewees). The group is a form of a melting pot, not completely in the American way of the term because, as we can 58 Maurer S./ Antrocom Online Journal of Anthropology, vol. 1 (2015) 49-62 see in this table, some groups would melt some elements of their culture; but that does not mean they would turn into a harmonious whole with a common culture. The users give priority to the utilitarian factor regarding communication.

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