Pivot table fields not updating

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Cube formulas allow you to add Power Pivot/SSAS Tabular calculations to any cell in virtually any orientation that you can think of.They’re a big part of what makes Excel simply the world’s best data tool, period.

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What’s more, not all of the slicer names in the scorecard were to be included in the calculations and yet more slicers were set to be added in the future!You can read about my journey as a start-up owner at Startup Desi.Update – August 2016: We moved to New Zealand and currently live in windy Wellington. Jo & I spend most of the day enjoying beautiful weather, cycling and cooking delicious food. Feel free to drop feedback on my email : chandoo.d [at] gmail [dot] com.Many people ask me what software, tools & services I use to manage a reasonably busy site like Please visit Stuff we use & recommend page to know more. The first thing I noticed when opening my scorecard was the of the cube formulas!

I clicked on a cell containing a CUBEVALUE() formula and was greeted by multiple rows of slicer names in the function bar.

The Pivot Pictured Above Acts as if We’ve Swapped Out Fields on Rows – in Response to a Slicer Click! Being one of the newest (and youngest) members of the Power Pivot Pro family has been very exciting…

A while back, I was tasked with finding a way to automate upkeep of a scorecard built primarily with thousands of cube formulas (Yes, thousands! This particular scorecard was still under development, and maintaining and making changes to it had become a full-time job!

Also check out our welcome page to know how we can help you better. After 3 years of personal rants and chatter, I shifted the focus of site to Microsoft Excel, primarily to share new ideas and discuss about the problems I am working on.

Soon, the site gathered momentum and today it is a massive part of my life.

All of the individual cube formulas needed to be updated several times a week, and this was expected to go on for months as executives made up their minds on the final product.

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