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Getting the Pi running was not much of a problem, it is fairly straightforward, and with some old knowledge of MS-DOS commandline way back in the past it was not completely "running in the dark" for me.

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Though I haven't tried motion yet, it is on my list of things to try out.'Motion' eats all CPU (I prefer resolutions like 1280x720, not less).After week or tow I decided to disable motion detection and simply capture one frame per second. If you can handle ~200kb jpg files created every second (from one camera) I would suggest this way for you.A successful logo design starts with a strategy Read the full article …Read more Henry Ford once said…“WHETHER YOU THINK YOU CAN, OR YOU THINK YOU CAN’T – YOU’RE RIGHT” Word Press is considered the easiest to use CMS thanks to a very friendly interface. Here are a few simply reason why you should use client contact cards: Personalization A personalised Birthday or Read the full article …Read more Graphic Design plays an important role in the successful production of any event.The digital age is well and truly here, so have Read the full article …Read more Looking for logo design services?