Orlando bloom dating kirsten dunst

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Orlando bloom dating kirsten dunst - dating someone 4 years younger

Then there were a few more people watching playback.From Oscar winner Cameron Crowe comes "a potent blend of rock 'n' roll and classic romantic comedy." Orlando Bloom stars as Drew Baylor, a hot-shot designer whose life becomes completely unraveled when he loses his father and his job on one fateful day.

Dunst, 34, and Plemons, 28, first met during the second season of the FX show.

The other night, I was outside the theater, and this girl said to me, "Oh, thank God I didn't faint. But I got in the best shape of my life for that movie.

The last time I saw you, I fainted and got 14 stitches." She showed me a huge scar on her forehead. It was quite amusing walking around set and seeing the crew avert their eyes at first.

Kate Beckinsale, Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jon Hamm, Taraji P. Jackson are to serve as presenters at the Independent Spirit Awards ceremony in Santa Monica Saturday.

Film Independent also confirmed Fred Armisen, Hank Azaria, Danny Mc Bride, Janelle Monae, Viggo Mortensen, David Oyelowo, Amanda Peet, Freida Pinto, Aubrey Plaza, Issa Rae, Edgar Ramirez, Jenny Slate, Miles Teller and Kerry Washington will help intoduce nominees and hand out prizes at the event. Tune in to @IFC this Saturday 2/25 at 2p / 5e for the LIVE #Spirit Awards broadcast!

Set against the backdrop of an incredible soundtrack, ELIZABETHTOWN is 'an amazing trip of love, loss and laughter.' This movie is a tender funny portrait of an overachiever who suddenly tastes failure and also loses his father at the same time.

Then he has to go to Louisville and my oh my does his life change.The two played Peggy and Ed Blumquist, high school sweethearts who got involved in a mob war when they tried to cover up a hit-and-run.Though the couple never spoke about their offscreen relationship, dating reports first surfaced when Dunst and Plemons were photographed kissing last May.BUTwho decided to cast Orlando Bloom in this movie? And it made this "quirky" theme in this movie just icky to me. Then he has this long nasty looking hair in these close ups the next. And also I am kinda over this "Southerners are weird . THey show him running and he is so geeky--running with his shoulders up above his ears and his slinky body flailing all over the sidewalk. En route to Elizabethtown to visit his family, Drew meets Claire (Kirsten Dunst).

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