Open marriage wife dating

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Open marriage wife dating

Shortly before tying the knot, I told Maria that I thought our relationship was strong enough to handle some...exploration, if that's what she still wanted.Maria seemed touched by my acceptance of her ideal married scenario.

Like any other dating site, people seemed to come from a range of incomes, occupations, and cities across the country, including Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.I was horrified by the news—but, when I was honest with myself, also incredibly turned on by her sense of adventure.Still not sure our relationship was on solid footing, though, I suggested that we table the motion.If you look cross-culturally and over time, says Robboy, most people do not remain faithful to one partner for the duration of their marriages.So, then, is open marriage the modern couple's answer to infidelity?Is it two people's attempt to reinvest in the idea of commitment, to define it on their own terms and to try to avoid divorce?

Could it be viewed as an honest attempt to make marriage work?

The two arms tightly wrapped around my waist belong to a lithe, blue-eyed twentysomething woman, her wavy hair slicked to her gorgeous face with sea spray.

How is my wife going to react, I wonder, when I tell her about this?

"I think that's what people tell themselves, but it raises a red flag for me," says Robboy.

"It is incredibly common and incredibly destructive for couples to experiment with open marriage in response to problems or boredom in their sex life.

The truth is, in that moment I was overcome with love for my wife—the funny, stubborn, strong, and beautiful woman I'd married just 10 months earlier.

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