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But there is a complex set of factors that go into whether women will find you desirable.

I am designing a fragrance line for men to help identify the scents that best enhances their natural smell.

According to a group of researchers in Europe – The researchers did a number of analyses on what senses had the biggest impact for men and women. Women seem to be more driven by scent while attraction for men was driven by what they saw.

The results showed that men and women differed in the following ways. That’s really no surprise because men are naturally attracted to the shape, body proportions, skin and face of a woman.

A majority of the male population do not wear a fragrance. The main point here is that men are visual – the data proves it.

Why would you want to spend -0 on a bottle of perfume? With women it could be a lot more about the smell, the touch and the imagination. You’ve heard that women need more romance – they need a story.

When asked whether they found perfume arousing during non-sexual activity – women were more likely to say yes than men! It’s more about their mind and not so much about the visual – which is good news for anyone who doesn’t have a fantastic body.

Women rated visual, non-body smell and music as not important in arousal during sexual activity.Women tend to develop a better understanding of smell.Their noses are trained to pick subtle cues that men are often unable to detect.In revisiting the memory of a landscape – both men and women rated visual as the most important sense.The first sense that is activated through memory is the visual landscape. Although women rated the scent of flowers (olfactory) higher than men – the top choice was visual for both men and women. Both men and women rated visual as their first deciding sense.They responded very differently to a man’s body smell compared with object, environmental and even animal smells.

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