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The management is happy to oblige, regularly comping him free services like a private airport hangar for his Gulfstream G450, or a Bentley Mulsanne every time he needs to go out.

“I can have entire weeks going without a hitch, and then , shit happens all at once. ” Paul recounts an event from a month before, when a visitor from Sacramento was found dead in his room after losing his entire 401k, one end of his tie strung around his neck and the other attached to his bathroom’s door knob.

He tells me about the fragrances pumped through the air conditioning systems to cover the smoke odor.

He depicts the “dildo bins” discarded every year during spring break when customers leave personal items behind after a few nights of kinky adventures.

The girl’s eyes are locked onto him and she laughs nervously every time he shows her something new. The two of them are eating Wagyu sirloins the casino’s chef imports from the Liverpool Plains in Australia. By the pool, an attractive UCLA biomedical physics student tries explaining circular dichroism and angular momentum to a perplexed man in swim shorts.

On the seat near mine, Ralph Molina, a hedge fund manager and an investor in some of Keng Joo’s ventures, is debating another guest on the value of entertainment. “We’re a nation whose success is based on how hard we party. An older woman in a flashy bikini complains that a local lady kicked her out of a blackjack game because she thought she was ruining the flow of cards.

“I went for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon,” says another. When the music gets too loud, I walk to the front desk to see Paul, a hotel employee I’ve been talking to for a few weeks.

“I killed it at poker and lost everything at baccarat,” replies a third. From waiter to group manager to special events assistant, Paul has worked almost every entry-level job at the resort. An elderly gambler soiled himself while playing slots and flung feces at a group of bachelorettes.Keng Joo texts me to say that the party will continue in his penthouse.“U dont want to miss this.” * * * here is something about marble bathrooms and haute couture silk cushions that insulates you from the rest of the world.He brings up the sixty thousand pounds of shrimp eaten every day in the city.“It’s a shit show, but it’s a fun shit show,” he jokes. Paul nods, swiftly puts the bill in his pocket and writes down the man’s room number. The man nods and walks back to the elevators as if nothing happened.He has a reputation for being an extremely generous tipper and for throwing legendary multi-day events.