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I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of love — what it means to people and what it evokes in people and how it motivates people, like to follow a sports team or take up a new hobby or, like, move across the country!But getting your heart broken can motivate you too.

He started playing trumpet at age four and began writing rhymes at age nine.You don’t even have to talk at all if you don’t want to though! Nas is a son of jazz musician Olu Hara and postal service worker Fannie Ann Jones.The thing that I struggle most with is the concept of saying goodbye. Obviously we all know that time is the ultimate healer.The fact that you can sleep next to someone, and become best friends, and then one day wake up as if they never exist is something that doesn't make sense to me. But if I can help people along the way then and make that time spent healing, you know, less painful, then that can be a really cool thing. But I also want to kind of spread the word that being heartbroken, for whatever reasons, is a really hard thing to deal with.“Crusin up the block for a night cap b4 the stu yeeaaaa.” This isn’t the first time Nicki and Nas have fueled dating rumors.

Back in 2012, Esco appeared as Minaj’s love interest in the music video for her Chris Brown-assisted single “Right By My Side.” In any case, both Nicki and Nas are expected to drop albums this year.

You call your mom or your sister or your BFF [after a breakup] and they're like, "Well, you shouldn’t have dated that guy anyway. He's not good for you." And [someone you don’t know] can be this safe space — you can let it all out and it feels like there’s no consequences.

I'd heard this from people dealing with heartbreak before — I worked as a producer on for two years.

'cause she's got a new hip-hop king to occupy her mind. We're told Nicki doesn't feel anything about the fight, mostly 'cause it's not her problem ...

Sources close to Nicki tell TMZ she hasn't batted an eyelash over news Meek Mill might have ordered his goons to jump her other ex, Safaree.

He traded classroom with rough life on the streets of Queensbridge and learned a lot of things from there.

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    Or at least that’s what a lot of guys tend to think.

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    Obama has been living a bachelor's life for the past few days with first lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha visiting Spain and daughter Malia spending the month away at an undisclosed camp.