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While this deer might look drab in the winter, the new coat is extremely functional.The color helps the deer soak in the sun and the multiple layers keep it warm.

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To stay warm, some dogs develop an undercoat, which essentially functions like thermals.Winter can be brutal and some animals need an extra layer of protection. Found throughout the Americas, this deer has an auburn coat most of the year.When winter comes, though, their fur turns into a more ordinary shade of brown or gray.It’s bright, white fur is used as a type of camouflage.It’s important to point out, though, that these furry creatures are often the predator. White-Tailed Jackrabbit When temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, winter white is a must for this North American hare.

(Sources: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, ARKive) 2.

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For those who are interested in the other episodes this is "Lingeries" the working title being "ランジェリーズ" it's one of my favorites! The other two episodes are just as great so run and download or buy at will!

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Pendant plusieurs années Mlle Bello s’est consacrée à faire bénéficier sa douce voix sur des chansons tubes à un public qui ne se doutait pas de l’immensité de son talent.

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    Kim Kardashian pulled off a “Batman Returns”-era Catwoman in 2012 that would have made Michelle Pfeiffer envious.