My blog feed is not updating

30-Apr-2017 01:55 by 3 Comments

My blog feed is not updating

In the wiki it says to use the "web-user" user in the .rctorrent in order to lunch the plugin (among with the others) when rtorrent start. So I changed it according to the wiki to my "web-user", and restarted rtorrent but it didn't solve the issue. If you open Web UI after rtorrent start, then plugin is launched.

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Our plugin uses caching to improve performance and limit requests made to the Instagram API.

To set up an account on Bloglovin’, all you have to do is enter a couple of details on the signup page or you can sign up by connecting to your Facebook profile.

You will need to log into your email account and verify your email address.

This means that you can add and follow ANY blog or website even if the owner doesn’t have an Bloglovin account, as long as the site has a valid RSS Feed.

Update – Why I’m now using Feedly to follow all non beauty fashion blogs.

If you really want the feed to update I would suggest changing the is the Pub Date.

I turned off my RSS filters for a month, then turned those back on, now my feeds do not update.I hope the developers will have a look at this, maybe they could have a hint at what could cause this. I am absolutely certain that it self heals as I recently went to bed with it broken (after an hour of hunting for the issue) only to return in the AM with a view to further debugging only to find it working. I can keep an eye out for it happening again if someone can hint where to look for issues. By default the permissions are 777 on the rss folder (WTF ? If it is set to a high interval, new posts will not show up for awhile.There are a variety of plugins that offer caching for your pages.Beside this is the search bar where you can search and follow blogs.

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